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Reaching out to those in need to prevent suicide

Campaign shows the country’s concern for people but also emphasises role the public can play

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The UAE’s figures on suicides are well below the global average. But this has not stopped the authorities from launching a campaign to deter people from taking their lives.

The campaign will initially target health care professionals, community leaders and educational institutions. It will host lectures and workshops on the warning signs of suicide and how to deal with people who are suicidal.

Seminars and meetings like this show the country’s concern for the people. But equally important is the role that the general public plays in preventing suicide. Almost every week there are reports of attempted suicide. Some of them are due to financial reasons, others because of loneliness or personal problems. Many feel neglected and lost living far away from their home countries, families and friends. In these circumstances, reaching out to those in need will go a long way in making them feel wanted and discourage suicidal thoughts from entering their minds. Campaigns like this must eventually lead to specific programmes for suicide prevention, including risk assessments.