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Quad bike riders must adhere to safety norms

These vehicles should be used away from populated areas and with proper safety gear in place

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If you have ever driven through suburbs or on quiet roads, you would not be surprised to see quad bikes being rode by daredevils who weave recklessly, attempt wheelies and are generally a nuisance, showing absolute disregard towards other motorists.

Sadly, it is teenagers who are to blame. The folly of youth seems to know no bounds, where teenagers feel that once on these machines, they are impervious to injury or death.

Certainly, quad bikes have their place — away from populated areas, in the desert, on tracks where they can be used to their full enjoyment and potential. But protective gear and helmets need to be worn to fully enjoy these machines safely. That is why the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority recently organised a promotional show to demonstrate the correct way to enjoy quad bikes and to highlight the need for proper safety-gear and helmets. No one is trying to put a brake on the use of quad bikes. The intent is simply to ensure that those who do engage in quad biking must do so in a safe and responsible manner. And that’s a good thing.