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Putin has his task cut out for him

Onus now lies on him to prove that he was essentially the people's choice

Gulf News

Nobody exemplifies the saying ‘uneasy lies the head that wears the crown' better than Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin. There is disgruntlement and a growing sign of weariness at the constitutional machinations that have taken place and accorded Putin his spot at the head of government.

This means that the onus now lies on him to prove that he was essentially the people's logical choice and that there is currently no other viable alternative in Russia's political circles to run the country.

Clearly, the president has his hands full: he has to firstly satisfy his people that everything is normal in Russia and then the international observers that the elections were fair despite allegations to the contrary.

Then comes the delegation of his duties: Putin will have to conjure up political, social and economic reforms to stabilise Russia and he also has to draw up a coherent foreign policy.

Protesters have been hitting the streets with regularity and he will have to be astute enough to take criticism from his allies and detractors without showing any signs of heavy handedness towards the latter, especially if he is to survive a full term. Dialogue and a patient ear could be effective tools for Putin. To this end he is assisted by the fact that currently there seems to be no viable alternative to him.