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Palestinian dream hostage to politics

Bid for a UN status is a significant step in the quest to assert their rights in the face of Israeli oppression

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The Palestinian people have long been struggling to attain their basic rights and freedom. Like any other group of people, they have every right to exist as a nation and build their future within the boundaries of an independent state. The time could not be more appropriate for the Palestinians to finally pursue the means that will enable them to come closer to statehood.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has announced that the Palestinian National Authority will go ahead in presenting its bid for non-state UN membership. “It has been agreed that the request will be presented on November 29. We don’t want any confrontations with the US or Israel. If we start a dialogue or negotiations the day after the vote, we will,” Abbas said.

The US and Israel have staunchly been opposing this step and have warned against such a course of action. Israeli officials have threatened to take punitive measures if the Palestinians go ahead. Israeli officials are also looking into partially or fully cancelling the Oslo Accords if the UN General Assembly adopts the resolution that gives Palestine a non-member observer state status.

It is obvious that each country will have its own agenda and hence will either support or oppose this resolution. There are many political reasons each country will come up with. Yet what should not be forgotten is the fact that the issue is about the Palestinians suffering since 1948. Not only has their very existence as a people come under threat, but the continued state of affairs has also affected the younger generation’s future.

The Palestinian people should not pay the price for colonial policies of the time or failure of powers to ensure that their rights are protected and preserved.

If it means anything, the Palestinian bid for a UN entry is an important step for the Palestinian people and their aspirations for their own state. And this dream should never be controlled by or held hostage to the wishes of any party.