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No excuse for parental neglect of child’s safety

Incidents of fatal falls from high-rise buildings can be prevented if parents pay uncompromising attention

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Yet another inexcusable instance of parental neglect has led to the death of a toddler in Sharjah last week. The two-year-old was playing by an open window in her 14th floor apartment and fell to her death when she leaned out and lost her balance.

Her parents, though in the house at the time of this incident, were not around to ensure her safety. It is a situation that begs incredulity given the unrelenting media exposure over the past few years on how dangerous it can be for children when they are left unattended in homes and public spaces. Despite repeated attempts by the authorities to educate parents on this matter, it is an issue of deep concern that such accidents continue to take place.

The most painful truth about these incidents is that they can be entirely prevented. The safety of children is primarily in the hands of parents. The authorities and the media can, and do, play a big part in launching child safety campaigns and awareness drives on an ongoing basis but what makes the real difference is when every parent pays uncompromising attention to their child’s safety.