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Israeli violence must stop now

What is granting assurance to the continuation of Israeli atrocities is the silence of the world community

Gulf News

It has been labelled in so many ways. It has been described in so many words. And it has surely been justified with numerous reasons. However, for the people of Gaza, who are at the receiving end of the Israeli onslaught, the attacks on innocent civilians can only be seen as being barbaric and inhumane.

The week-long bombardment of Gaza has been costly for the people of Gaza. Thus far, at least 100 have died, of which 27 are children. The damage to buildings and neighbourhoods has been devastating.

Many also are unaccounted for as their bodies lie beneath the rubble. There is no match between the two sides as the might of the Israeli weaponry has the upper hand. There is also no match in the aspirations of each entity — Israel survives on its might and the discrimination against the right of a people to exist. The Palestinians, on the other hand, are still struggling and fighting to attain their basic human rights.

Yet, what is giving the assurance to the continuation of the Israeli belligerence is the silence of the world community. The atrocities being carried out against the Palestinians are of no relevance or importance to the world community.

In a much-delayed reaction, the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has headed to the region in an attempt to bring the situation under control and broker a ceasefire.

However, as efforts are geared to bring an end to the attacks, let it not be forgotten that it is Israel who has started the violence. And it is the Israeli aggression that should be stopped. The lives of innocent Palestinians should not be held hostage to Israel’s military might.

Most important of all is to look at how the violence can be brought to a final conclusion.

This can only be guaranteed when the right of the Palestinians to an independent state turns into a reality.