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Israel’s utter disregard for UN vote

Instead of seizing the opportunity for new talks, it opts to lay the foundations for fresh colonies

Gulf News

If there ever was any doubt about the arrogance and sheer audacity of Israel, look no further than its repugnant and repulsive reaction to the UN recognition of Palestine as a non-member state.

Instead of viewing the UN recognition as an opportunity to forge a new relationship with the people and the lands it has coerced and subverted for six decades, Israel greeted the result of the vote with an announcement that it would construct 3,000 more colonist homes in West Bank. Instead of seizing upon the vote as a chance for new talks, it opts to lay the foundations, and walls, for new colonies, ripping apart the very fabric of the Palestinian people.

And sadly, its actions go unheard, unheeded and unpunished by its allies in Washington. Let the UN vote be full proof that the Palestinians face an enemy who is determined to destroy the last vestiges of its land, heritage, society and culture. Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is fundamentally unjust, rooted in religious bigotry, enshrined in its utter disregard for human rights, magnified by an arrogant belief in its right to occupy and pillage Palestinian homelands, acting with impunity on the international stage by hiding behind the collective guilt of the Holocaust.

How ironic then that a nation that holds the events of the Warsaw Ghetto to be so cherished itself inflicts upon Palestinians the horrors of occupation and ghetto-isation.

Buildings crumble with time. But time is on Palestine’s side.