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Ensuring the welfare and safety of animals

It is essential that the individual behind killing of dogs is brought to justice

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The mindless and brutal killing of five dogs in Al Ain has justifiably stirred up a very irate reaction among residents there, as well as animal welfare organisations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The manner in which the animals were brutalised suggests that the individual behind this act is disturbed, or hates animals, to say the least.

The UAE is second to no country when it comes to ensuring the welfare and safety of animals, including domestic pets, therefore the call goes out to authorities to identify the perpetrator and impose the strictest punishment for his actions.

There is a federal law that ensures the protection of animals from abuse and negligence. There are animal welfare centres across the emirates and diligent residents, sensitive to the condition of pets, or stray animals. There are many successful and inspiring stories that revolve around the safety and rescue of animals, both wild and domestic, in the UAE. The cruel incident in Al Ain has definitely touched the chord of this fraternity and must galvanise them into further action.