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BJP has cut its nose to spite its face

India’s main opposition party’s gambit to elevate Modi has now created internal dissent

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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supremo L.K. Advani’s show of petulance has not only discredited his political credentials, it has dealt an embarrassing account of the party’s unity as it prepares for the general elections next year to challenge the supremacy of the Congress. It can hardly be seen as a viable alternative now that even its allies are threatening to jump ship.

Following Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s anointment as head of the BJP’s election campaign, Advani was pushed to the back burner, but he refused to read the writing on the wall. The BJP’s gambit to elevate Modi, as a potential prime ministerial candidate, has now created internal dissent among a few of the party’s senior leaders, including Advani, who was once Modi’s patron, as well as its allies — chief among them being Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Modi is the cadres choice. His influence at the grass roots level is undeniable. BJP realised this and ensured that the old order makes way for the new. Advani’s personal ambitions have come to the fore by virtue of the resignation and the BJP has cut its nose to spite its face.