Athletes fight the odds to shine at Rio Paralympics

They serve as an inspiration that we can be victorious in anything we do as long as we try
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Theirs’ is a story of human spirit and triumph. They see every day as an opportunity, not a challenge. They believe they can surmount any obstacle.

The Rio Olympics saw riveting action. There were numerous accounts of human endurance and dedication. There were stories of excellence. We have seen records being broken and sportsmen and women realising their dreams. We have seen stories of brilliance.

There was scepticism that the crowds would not come. The athletes would not draw inspiration from the clapping and the cheering. But the stadiums were packed as ticket sales were brisk. The athletes were spurred-on by the roar of the crowd as they raced to the finish line in their hunt for gold, silver and bronze medals. But in sport, everyone is a winner irrespective of the result.

These athletes are testimony to the determination of the human spirit. They have overcome some severe odds to shine. They have proved that once you set your mind to a task, it will be achieved if you have the will and the dedication. Challenges are not an obstacle if you have the spirit.

UAE athletes have excelled. Shooter Abdullah Sultan Al Aryani has won three silver medals, Mohammad Al Hammadi won gold in the T34 800 metres and then there is the experienced Mohammad Khamis Khalaf. He took gold in the men’s 88kg powerlifting competition.

We must salute all the athletes who have gone to Rio and set stadiums alight with their passion and willpower. They truly serve as an inspiration that we can be victorious in anything we do as long as we try — no challenge is too big, no obstacle too high.

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