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Another feather in UAE’s green energy cap

London Array project establishes its role as a knowledge centre in the field of renewable energy

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Economic diversification has long been a strategic goal of the UAE, so it is only appropriate that the country apply that policy to what has for decades been a cornerstone of its economy: Energy. The country proved it had the political will to do so last week, when UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and British Prime Minister David Cameron launched the 175-turbine London Array project, the world’s largest offshore wind farm. The array, which is partly owned by Abu Dhabi-based Masdar, will supply about half-a-million UK homes with power.

The wind farm is another step forward for the development of green energy and firmly establishing the UAE’s role as a knowledge centre in the field of renewable energy, which also includes solar and nuclear power.

As the country continues to diversify its renewable energy portfolio, its effort will allow both for continued economic growth here in the UAE and well as helping other developing nations achieve sustainable, economic development in a manner that does not contribute to global climate change.