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A quantum leap for nation’s aviation dream

Al Ain firm offers Emiratis a chance to shine in an industry globally dominated by UAE carriers

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An industrial and technological revolution is quietly taking place in Al Ain — one that will have wings around the world.

Strata Manufacturing is at the cutting edge of supplying state-of-the-art components for aircraft and will, come May, be a direct supplier of wing components for an aircraft brought by Etihad Airways.

It is a sign that Strata Manufacturing has come a full circle. Established and fully owned by Mubadala — the development arm of Abu Dhabi government — the company is a world leader in manufacturing carbon-composite materials and components for Airbus Industries.

The latest milestone is the delivery to Airbus’ factory in Bremen, Germany, of four ailerons — parts that help planes roll and turn by manipulating air flow over and under the wing surface. The four ailerons will be installed on a new Airbus A330 that will be delivered to Etihad in May. However, this is not just about delivery of parts.

It is a success story that reflects how technologically advanced the aviation industry has become in the UAE. Strata Manufacturing hires engineers from UAE universities and institutions with degrees in mathematics, chemistry, engineering, computer imaging, materials development and a host of related subjects.

It also offers young Emiratis a chance to build a future in an industry where the UAE airlines already rule the skies. It has a proud Emirati workforce, employing women in high numbers and on an equal footing. It is a lesson that together, Emirati innovation can shine and soar.