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Tamil Tigers raise funds for renewed struggle

We are taking fight for homeland overseas, LTTE rebel tells Gulf News

  • By Mick O'Reilly, Deputy Managing Editor
  • Published: 00:00 June 29, 2010
  • Gulf News

A tractor pulls a wagon full of Sri Lankan soldiers in the former LTTE stronghold of Kilinochchi
  • Image Credit: Christine O'Reilly/Gulf News
  • A tractor pulls a wagon full of Sri Lankan soldiers in the former LTTE stronghold of Kilinochchi last week. There is little sign of reconstruction in the town more than a year after the nation’s bloody 37-year civil war ended in May, 2009.
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Velvettithurai, Sri Lanka It's been 14 months since the Colombo government defeated the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ending Sri Lanka's bloody 37-year civil war on the island, but the fight with the Tamil separatists is far from over.

"We are taking the fight for our rightful Tamil homeland to Toronto, London and Australia," said one former LTTE fighter now back working and living in Jaffna.

Speaking from a Toronto-area shop, Somy V. told Gulf News Tamil groups in the Toronto communities of Scarborough and Brampton are actively raising funds for a new phase in the military struggle despite Canadian government attempts to thwart the fundraising.

Security on the Jaffna peninsula is tight with the military allowing few foreigners to travel to the war-scarred region.

Red Cross officials in Jaffna told Gulf News nearly 200,000 Tamils remain in displaced persons camps awaiting resettlement. During a four-day stay in Jaffna, Gulf News was refused access to the camps by military officials.

This village on Jaffna's northern coast was home to Velupillai Prabhakaran, the late leader of the LTTE. And locals said they are still committed to the Tamil cause despite 100,000 being killed during the civil war.

"You will not see the LTTE as it was before," one fisherman said. "Our struggle still continues ... but it will not be fought from here. We will carry on the struggle from overseas. That is where the struggle will be fought from."

"Remember this," he told Gulf News. "Some days the hunter gets the tiger. Some days the tiger gets the hunter."

Comments (8)

  1. Added 16:12 June 29, 2010

    Anyone travels to Sri Lanka, should enjoy the natural beauty, hospitality of the people with rich culture. After reading this article it is very clear that the destruction done by LTTE over 30 year period. Once again, we will cherish the lasting peace and harmony thanks to our great leader Mahinda Rajapaksha and all those who made the ultimate sacrifice to bring this country to a single flag. A Y U B O W A N... as the Sri Lankan greeting says, May You enjoy the gift of long life. Enjoy your stay!

    Nandika, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 15:18 June 29, 2010

    This article is just try to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka by negative publicity based on fabricated facts. I am a Sri Lankan Tamil & I am proud that the war is over. Majority of Tamils live side by side of the Sinhalese for generations & our at peace. There are many people who to arms to tarnish the image of peaceful Sri Lanka Tamils. Especially the Tamilnadu Tamils cannot digest to see the magnitude of development that take place in Sri Lanka purely. Countries like Singapore & Malaysia prospered only because of Sri Lanka Tamils and not because of Tamilnadu Tamils.

    Ramesh, Colombo, Sri Lanka

  3. Added 14:53 June 29, 2010

    The comments here were like peices of comedy. The claim of War Crimes commited by Sri Lanka is acknowledged by UN with its recent formation of the Panel of Enquiry. The tamils were reduced to minorities in their own land because of Sinhala Governments. The tamils were the natives of Sri Lanka, remember Ravana of Ramayana, the tamil king. As the writer has rightly pointed the war will not be over unless and until the basic human rights with equallity is ensured to the tamil bretheren there. LTTE may vanish. Prabakaran may vanish. But until and unless the abuses and violations of the Sri Lankan government comes to an end, A new form of Extremism will emerge. New Prabakaran's will emerge. This is History.

    Andrew, Chennai, India

  4. Added 13:39 June 29, 2010

    The monopoly government which seeks their civic only, In India there are many religions but nationwide all are equally treated that is democracy but Lankans still dominating Tamil community and everyone should know Tamil is one of the old civilities/literacy, they should give life to live not to kill anyone. Now lankans govt. responsibility is to build up Tamil regions. I hope this will give peace full life to everyone in Srilanka.

    Baskar, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  5. Added 13:28 June 29, 2010

    "Remember this," he told Gulf News. "Some days the hunter gets the tiger. Some days the tiger gets the hunter." Tiger is hunted forever. Not to worry in Sri Lanka. Now it's problem for western countries. You bread the tigers and go for hunting, may as it said you may be a victim of the tiger.

    pusa, Colombo, Sri Lanka

  6. Added 11:53 June 29, 2010

    LTTE is a closed chapter...they got their deserved fate. Nobody regrets because of their past acts. Lanka is far better now without the LTTE. Wish them even better. support for Lankan unity...dont allow them to come back..

    Shamsheer, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  7. Added 11:45 June 29, 2010

    Somy need to wake up...!!! i know that in the late stages of independance in SL, the tamil minority was looked down upon but that's all gone and now it's a peacefull Sri lanka. I am a veteran of the SL conflict and i know how the tamil people feel about this war which destroyed the country for 3 decades. Now it's finished...join your forces to re-build and not to destroy..waging war is not an answer. also my friend, pls be mindful when you make such comments...after all the Sri lanka i know belongs to every one irrespective of race/religion cast or creed. it's easy to be a friend than an enemy.

    dinesh, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  8. Added 11:44 June 29, 2010

    if Srilankan govt is like what mick says then why are governments supporting us with so much aid? It's better that he sticks on to IRA news & not write such articles. Seems by the article he has travelled to Tamil nadu & not Srilanka. No one can undermine the development of Srilanka now!

    Prasantha, Colombo, Sri Lanka

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