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And the worst city is...

US television network CNN viewers have ranked Los Angeles, Paris, Sydney, Jakarta and Cairo among the 10 worst cities in the world to visit

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  • Published: 12:28 September 4, 2012
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Jakarta, Indonesia
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  • Jakarta is choked with traffic, pollution, poverty and tourist “draws” largely revolving around random street adventures and an epidemic of malls.
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US television network CNN viewers have ranked Los Angeles, Paris, Sydney, Jakarta and Cairo among the 10 worst cities in the world to visit. Here are the ten that got the most votes...


Belize City, Belize

Crime. Drugs. Dilapidation. Welcoming committees of bored, desperate touts. A vibe that screams avoid-being-out-after-dark-and-wait-for-your-real-itinerary-to-begin. Belize City has it all. Even one of the world’s worst airports.


Cairo, Egypt

Not good enough to like, not bad enough to avoid. The city is coping with crippling air pollution, maniacal driving, ridiculous traffic, overpopulation and post-revolution stress.


New Delhi, India

These guys aren’t even the hawkers -- they’re the hawkees. Travel scams happen everywhere. The art is how to avoid getting fleeced outside the airport, at the train station, at your hotel and everywhere in between.


Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta: great, if frustration is your favorite emotion. This sprawling city is choked with traffic, pollution, poverty and tourist “draws” largely revolving around random street adventures and an epidemic of malls.


Lima, Peru

Latin America’s fifth-largest metropolis may be marginally cleaner than Mexico City, somewhat safer than Sao Paulo and way more beach-friendly than La Paz, yet Lima looks washed out and monochrome.


Los Angeles, United States

Los Angeles. Or should that be Lots Angry. This centre-less megalopolis sloppily carved into about 90 sub-cities, over 20 ailing freeways, countless area codes and a half-million strip malls with mediocre Thai food. How did a semi-arid desert without a decent water supply get so huge — and so hugely disliked?


Timbuktu, Mali

A century ago, the world’s most tenacious travellers may have been awarded a brief thrill upon reaching this legendary trans-Saharan trading centre hiding in the middle of nowhere. But even then, Timbuktu was nearly half-a-millennium past its golden years. It hasn’t gotten any better since.


Paris, France

Paris inspires a certain love-hate relationship — they love to hate it with its rude waiter stereotypes, crazy lines at the Louvre and the city’s knack for rekindling long-kicked smoking habits about 10 minutes after landing.


Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

Australia’s top two cities would be nowhere near this list if it weren’t for the 177 straight years of utter hatred they’ve reserved for each other. Since the founding of Melbourne in 1835 Sydneysiders and Melburnians have been loathingly distinguishing themselves from each other in ways that would make Toronto and Montreal blush.


Tijuana, Mexico

Drug cartel violence. The recession. Recent swine flu outbreaks. A dicey border town with cheesey drinking holes, wand gloomy border crossings. According to a recent Worldfocus report, Tijuana’s annual tourism numbers have plummeted by as much as 90 per cent in less than 10 years, and other research estimates that visitor-related revenue has declined by almost as much over a similar period.

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Comments (23)

  1. Added 16:48 September 5, 2012

    I'm surprised Mumbai didn't get a is awful living here....pollution, traffic ....hate it!

    neepa kapadia, mumbai, India

  2. Added 15:10 September 5, 2012

    with these comments someone is going to make real list of worst cities.

    hakeem, dubai, India

  3. Added 14:32 September 5, 2012

    It's not necessary that Afghanistan should get included. I consider Afghanistan to be the BEST place in the world!

    serat, abu dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  4. Added 14:24 September 5, 2012

    Who made this list? I think of 10 cities on the top of my head right now which deserve to be here and are not. LA, Paris and Delhi are utopic cities compares to Mogadishu, Bogota, Karachi, Kabul, Baghdad, Dhaka.... The person who has composed this list apparently hasn't traveled much and makes a living by compiling fantasy lists.

    Kalyan, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

  5. Added 14:16 September 5, 2012

    Nothing can beat Chennai (whole Tamil Nadu) in this count...this place is the dirtiest i had ever visited place, road, climate...worst in every aspect...

    Mohammad, dubai, United Arab Emirates

  6. Added 14:06 September 5, 2012


    benny, dubai, United Arab Emirates

  7. Added 14:03 September 5, 2012

    eventhough CNN is reporting like this, as a reputed media in GCC GN has the responsibility to inquire this. I also love to remind that the reader are not fools to accept this.

    Shahid, AbuDhabi, India

  8. Added 13:59 September 5, 2012

    exactly what other commentators says i wont agree this, at first instead of including New Delhi u have to make it the great Mumbai. May the reporter don't know about this city. Also there are so many cities more worse than you have listed like kolkatta, some african cities.

    Shahid, Abu Dhabi, India

  9. Added 12:32 September 5, 2012

    This is not a fair picture, these cities are far better then my own city Islamabad.

    Anwar Farooq, Islamabad, Pakistan

  10. Added 12:15 September 5, 2012

    I do not agree with this report at all. there are many cities in the world which are the worst like karachi, bombay, kabul etc.

    Mohammad Tariq, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

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