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It is a full time job to raise twins

Watching them grow is an amazing experience

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“Things will get better once they turn three”.

That’s what parents of twins keep telling me.

So I have quite a long way to go before I can have a good night sleep (or continuous 6 hours at least!) My twin boys, 8 months old now have transformed my life; they’ve given me immeasurable joy and happiness. So much so it is hard to imagine what life was like before they were born. That said, it is a full time job to raise twins. Nay a full time job is an understatement and it is nearly impossible to do it without help.

My twins are fraternal and funny enough, one looks exactly like my side of the family and the other is a copy of his dad. So the joke is I’ve done both families proud! But their bond is unquestionably strong. When one cries, the other looks on worriedly before he joins in — yes like a choir. Sometimes when they are sleeping in their cribs, you can catch similar movements and sometimes even identical sleeping positions. They say with twins, there’ll always be a dominant one and a quiet one. I am not sure about labelling them but I can say the older one (by one minute!) is very active, inquisitive, and adventurous, and the younger one is more laid back, quiet, and sensitive. They are now at the age where they are aware of each other’s existence, or as one author noted their ‘couple status’ but they don’t take it past extended glances and smiles.

Watching them grow is an amazing experience. It is about the little things; every day their temperamental differences are more pronounced and it becomes easier to spot their individuality. I am aware they are building the foundation of a lifelong relationship, which is very special.

Make no mistake, twins are a lot of hard work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.