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Expatriates send National Day greetings

The spectacular growth and progressive policies of UAE are carving an enviable place for it on the global platform, they say

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Flemming Dalgaard, chief executive officer, Gulftainer

“I would like to congratulate everyone on this significant milestone of the UAE, still a young nation that has achieved remarkable progress in a short span of 45 years. The vision of the leaders of the country and the socioeconomic policies of the government have contributed to a vibrant economy that is diversified, entrepreneurial and innovative. Today, encouraged by the conducive policies and inspired by the leaders, the UAE can boast of several home-grown companies that have become global and are much admired and respected. With increasing emphasis on innovation and creativity, and sustainability, and importantly with UAE’s youth leading from the front, the future of this country is on the right path to achieve greater heights.”

Benoit Dubarle, president — Gulf Countries, Pakistan, Schneider Electric

“As the UAE marks its 45th National Day, we would like to extend our best wishes to everyone on this occasion. Today we celebrate the achievements of this great nation in different fields, ably steered by the vision of its leaders, right from its birth in 1971 until today. As partners in the UAE’s vision to become a future nation, through sustainability initiatives led by connectivity and efficiency, we commend the nation for its achievements in promoting green energy and ensuring the best quality of life for future generations.”

Neeraj Agrawal, executive director, Crescent Enterprises and Group CFO, Crescent Group

“As the UAE today marks its 45th National Day, it is worth noting the nation’s growth into a thriving economy that is constantly pushing the boundaries of excellence, growth and entrepreneurial pursuit. The top-notch infrastructure and private sector-conducive policies provide numerous opportunities for small, medium as well as large enterprises here to prosper, and even achieve regional and international success. While the UAE embraces the digital revolution, its ambition to build strategic partnerships and socially conscious, sustainable businesses gives us much to look forward to in the years ahead.”

Carla Koffel, executive director of the Pearl Initiative

“On the occasion of UAE’s 45th National Day, I would like to express my admiration for the leadership’s forward-looking vision through the years, thanks to which UAE has come to be known as an adaptable and evolving country. The government’s dedication to building a knowledge-based economy and cultivating an enabling regulatory framework will help UAE navigate the complex changes in today’s economic landscape, while providing the resources and tools for sustainable development.

“I would also like to commend the UAE youth for their entrepreneurial and innovative efforts, which will shape the future of this country. They are teaching us that by embracing change, we can leverage new opportunities while making way for a diverse and inclusive workforce. As we celebrate UAE’s successes today, let us also reflect on the future — and how we can make way for a smarter and more accountable nation. Let us take this opportunity to give back.”

Faisal E. Kottikollon, founder and chairman, KEF Holdings

“The UAE is home to a large number of people who have benefited from the nation’s vision of innovation and entrepreneurship, which continues to open up new possibilities for everyone here. For businesses that are already aligning to the next industrial revolution, the UAE presents a fertile environment for growth and success. On the other hand, the nation also offers the world’s best standards of social well-being. As we mark this milestone, KEF Holdings congratulates the leadership for their forward-looking initiatives and look forward to collaborations that can complement the nation’s ambitions.”