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Beware of geeks bearing Androids

Are you a hipster, a workaholic, an average Joe or a super geek? Your mobile phone could possibly give away more about yourself than you think.

  • Slow and steady
    Features offered by different phone models attract certan personality types.Image Credit: FRANCOIS NEL/Gulf News
  • Slow and steady
    iPhone applications generally attract users who are generally more into fun and games.Image Credit: Rex Features
  • Slow and steady
    Image Credit: Illustration: Ramachandra Babu/©Gulf News

Dubai: You have probably heard of the cliché 'you are what you eat' but Gulf News wanted to find out whether people 'are what they speak' so to say. Does the type of mobile phone you carry say something about your character and personality? Experts believe so.

Although there are no perfect stereotypes, it's safe to say that the type of mobile phone you use will lump you into a general personality type category.

Abbas Jaffar Ali, who is part owner of an IT company, says iphone users could be categorised as hipsters. "iPhone applications generally attract users who are generally more into fun and games," he says.

However, people also use the iphone because it has become somewhat of a fashion statement. Those who tend to wear the latest fashion and the top brands are more likely to want the perfect phone accessory for their ensemble.

As for the BlackBerry, Ali explains its outlook e-mail capabilities make the perfect phone choice for workaholics and highly ambitious people. These types of people want to be a step ahead of everyone else and the BlackBerry is the perfect tool for this. Coined the 'crackberry', the phone becomes one with the person and users can hardly function without it. "BlackBerrys are for serious people, they aren't interested in toys," according to Dubai-based IT professional Haytham Bennani.

But let's not forget the reliable Nokia. Those who use this phone have a very practical approach to life, according to our experts. "They are not trailblazers. They are into their habits, content and satisfied," Bennani says.
Ali calls these people, "average joes" who do not stray from their comfort zone in both their technology savvy and spending. They aren't risk-takers, and this can be seen in their appearance. These users would most likely wear lower-end brands that do not put a dent in their pockets or draw the attention of others.

Last but not least, we have the super geek—the ANDROID user. This would typically be the quiet introvert in class who is shy to talk to girls and bordering on socially awkward. "There are no users outside geekdom," Ali says. "Like iphone users, they love technologies and apps, but the irony is they hate apple users because of the 'geeky' rivalry," he explains. However, there is good news for ANDROID users in that with the advent of Facebook and Twitter their socially introverted personalities are flourishing through social networking, facebook and tweets! According to Ali, these geeks have become the "new cool crowd", so look out iphone users, you may have some competition coming your way.

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Gadgets are fun and because we tend to be fixated with what we do and our outdoor activities are limited by choice, some take their frustrations on gadgets who can provide them the kind of excitement out from their comfor zone. so if your techy or just a normal "nokia" as long as it drives you positively then its ok to go nuts.

jhel Villaruel

19 October 2010 19:12jump to comments