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AMU VC calls on alumni to support alma mater

Historic Indian institution to offer online admission facilities for NRIs

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Dubai – Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), the historic institution founded by legendary Muslim reformer Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, has announced a slew of reforms, including online admission facilities for non-resident Indians.

Speaking at the 196th Founder’s Day of AMU organised in Sharjah by the AMU Alumni Forum UAE, the university’s Vice-Chancellor, Lt Gen Zamiruddin Shah made a passionate appeal to the alumni of AMU to form a stronger bond with the alma mater and help bring back its glory days.

“We are aware of the problems faced by NRIs to enrol their children in AMU. In order to ease the process we have decided to accept online applications from NRI students from the next academic year. We are also aware that our students face difficulties of accommodation, which is now being taken care of as two new residential buildings are coming up on the campus,” said Lt Gen. Shah, addressing a large gathering of AMU Alumi on Friday evening at Holiday International Hotel Sharjah.

Lt Gen Shah, who himself is an Alig, as the AMU graduates are popularly known, has undertaken some ground-breaking measures after taking over as vice chancellor 18 months ago, which includes building hostels, state-of-the-art kitchen, other faculties, revamp of the syllabi as well as modern sports facilities.

“You should be aware that the university has a lot of catching up to do in terms of international standards of education and the facilities. We have 28,000 resident students when our capacity is just 6,000 and we are now taking measures to rectify the situation. Fortunately we have managed to secure a grant from the government, but what is more important is the support of sons and daughters of the university, who can make a real difference,” added Lt Gen Shah.

AMU has formulated a new Vision 2020, which aims to bring back the glory days of the university and uphold the vision of the founder Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, prominent among which is the unique culture of Aligarh that is a blend of Indo-Islamic values.

Shedding more light on the unique Indo-Islamic culture that helped shape India as it is today, Mani Shankar Aiyar, former Indian cabinet minister and member of Parliament, said there can’t be India without Islam and Islam without India.

“Muslims are an integral part of India and we can’t imagine India without Islam. The idea of India is the unity in diversity that we see in our country. We have around 28 faiths, each distinct from the other, yet they are all Indians. Certain politicians try to sow hatred but they will not succeed unless our hearts are united,” Aiyar, who is a renowned author and ardent secularist, said.

The anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan falls on October 17 and is celebrated by AMU alumni all over the world