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Iranian propaganda film shows Israel ‘holocaust’

The film has surfaced as Iran negotiates a nuclear agreement with world powers

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  • Published: 19:08 February 19, 2014
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  • Caption: Images from a Farsi-langauge animated film that has appeared on the internet showing the destruction of the Israeli regime in the event of an Israeli-American attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities Credit:
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Dubai: An apparent Farsi-language propaganda video has surfaced on the Internet in the past few days depicting a hypothetical sequence of events in the event of an American-Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The film has made news in the Israeli press. A headline in Ha’aretz claimed that it depicted a “nuclear holocaust” on the regime.

The film repeatedly shows images of a Star of David with the word ‘holocaust’ written next to it, and ends with what appears to be a nuclear explosion in territory claimed by the Israelis. It starts with what appears to be an Israeli-American attack on Iran, to which Iran responds by firing on enemy planes, as well as an air and apparent ground invasion of areas controlled by the Israelis.

Iran’s moderate president Hassan Rouhani, whose government is in nuclear talks with work powers in Vienna, has been careful about distancing himself from the anti-Jewish image his predecessor was known for.

Hardliners in Iran have repeatedly voiced their opposition to any compromises with the West, or any softening of Iran’s position towards the Israelis.

Rouhani has condemned the Nazi holocaust, in which six million Jews are believed to have been killed, more than once on Western television channels. Former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had publicly questioned Western accounts of the holocaust and held annual holocaust denial conferences.

Western countries have often cited Iran’s opposition to the Israeli regime as one of the factors leading to souring of relations.

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