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IAEA has proof of Iran’s nuclear-related activities

Watchdog chief says Tehran engaged in design of weapons, explosives

  • By Francis Matthew, Editor at Large
  • Published: 19:03 January 27, 2012
  • Gulf News

Davos: “The International Atomic Energy Agency has credible information that Iran is engaged in activities relevant to the development of nuclear explosives,” Yukiya Amano, Director-General of the IAEA said here on Friday.

He was very clear that Iran does not have nuclear weapons, but he listed Iran as engaged in design of weapons, computer modelling, neutron initiators, high explosives, and detonators, as he spoke to Gulf News after a session on Iran at the World Economic Forum.

Iran has agreed to a new IAEA mission to visit Iran, headed by Herman Nackaerts, Deputy Director General for Safeguards which will leave tomorrow for Tehran.

This is despite the IAEA’s unhappiness over the lack of Iranian cooperation over its undeclared nuclear sites, which the IAEA has not seen and does not know anything about, Amano told Gulf News.

Iran’s parliament will meet tomorrow to discuss a bill that would halt oil exports to Europe from next week.

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  1. Added 16:15 January 28, 2012

    Why worry about Iran only? By imposing sanctions and threat of war is injustice that can be done by United Nation only. United Nation is having a biased policy and the best that can be done is get out of it. With the current policies of United Nation the world is not a safer place and there will be war and mayhem across the world.

    Javed, Mumbai, India

  2. Added 10:15 January 28, 2012

    Why is nobody worried about Israel acquring atomic weapons? Why is the world thinking with a dual face? If Israel kills Iran's sceintist that's covered by self defence, but if some other country does the same thing it's called terrorism. Why is the West so worried about the Islamic regions? Why they are blind on brutal killings and unautorized occupancy by Israel? Why they are occupying Palastine? It's better to stop Israel from occupying Palastine than talk about peace.

    Esmail, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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