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Prosecution wins appeal against lower court verdict sentencing convict to one year in jail


Defendant used screwdriver to force his way in to the empty restaurant to steal Dh9,500

prison, jail, punishment

Defendants pinned down their roommate to his bed, gagged him and raped him one at a time


Defendants drilled hole, sneaked through sewage tunnels, used makeshift ladder to escape

Dubai Courts

Court acquits man of trespassing into villa and groping woman over uncorroborated evidence

Dubai Courts

Suspect stole Dh200,000 worth of valuables from sponsor, who was with her mother on a medical trip

prison, jail, punishment

Suspect repeatedly battered victim’s head with a pan, stabbed him and left his face disfigured

Dubai Courts

81-year-old came to courtroom in wheelchair to testify that his home nurse didn’t rob him

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Not outer space, that’s for sure

OPN_170327 Laptop ban is Irrational

Trump order will soon have everyone treating their gadgets as contraband that must be got rid of in the loo

Model’s death-defying stunt in Dubai goes viral

While daredevilry must be discouraged everywhere, visitors and tourists to the UAE bear a special responsibility to abide by local laws and practices

wkr_131220_science_p17 dentist fear

When it comes to treatment, word of mouth carries far more weight than glossy, embossed brochures