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Dubai Courts

Defendants had told Dubai court the encounter with the 17-year-old was consensual


Wins suit against brother who opposed union, citing differences in sect, status


Defendant had offered to help the woman carry her purchases to her car

Dubai courts

Drug officers seized methapmhetamine when she was about to sell for Dh1,000

Stabbing, stab, knife attack

Suspects crawled into site under concrete blocks, but fled after one guard raised an alarm

SIM card

Suspects use forged documents to obtain card, then hacked into banking app and transferred the money

XNE 141027 JAIL55

Detained businessman jailed for paying Dh5,000 in bribe to go see his family for few hours

Dubai courts

Suspect enticed boy with beverages, lured him into workplace and clicked naked pictures of him

Off the cuff

OPN Cuff pic Tina

Days like this make a person glad to be alive. That I would be able to see such natural beauty is an amazing gift

Jobs elude specialised graduates

Interviewers, thinking that they are good judges of people, ended up confident about the usefulness of the interviews even when the responses were deliberately worthless

If despite being young, you feel you are getting old, you would certainly look prematurely old, more than your real age


Today in History: September 2, 2001: ‘Chor Bazaar’ at Delhi’s Red Fort closed