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Suspect intentionally hit police car with his vehicle and wrecked it

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Culprits lured 3 exchange house employees to hotel to exchange $1m, beat, threatened and robbed them


Court rejects prosecutors’ appeal to punish woman, who was acquitted over uncorroborated evidence

Al Maktoum Street

Man lands in court along with woman who said she had sex with him to help release her passport

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Defendants used blonde woman’s image on dating app to lure man in hotel room, filmed him naked and robbed him

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She fell to her death trying to escape from third-floor flat being used as a brothel

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Suspects broke into villa when its residents were away at a wedding reception


Shopper forgave suspect after he apologised, but called the security when he flashed his middle finger

Off the cuff

Indian wedding

Suddenly, long forgotten grievances that we didn’t think anyone should or could carry around, come to the surface

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What a lovely thing is innocence and ignorance, I think. Ignorance of what must await — especially in a dentist’s chair


It felt great that the animals will now have a spacious new home and yet that evening was awash with nostalgia


Portraits of black people don’t need to be confrontational or symbolic