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International City prime properties mortgages UAE

Police uncover brothel operations after acting on theft complaint

Abuse, Woman abuse

Defendant handed 3-month suspended jail term on grounds of leniency but will be deported

Stabbing, stab, knife attack

Dh34,000 worth of diesel was stolen from company after two guards were killed

Stabbing, stab, knife attack

The 32-year-old killed his boss’s niece following an altercation


Suspect claims photo pasted on fitness test papers had been taken when he was overweight

Dubai Courts

Suspect denies verbally threatening to have policeman fired from force and deported from UAE

XNE 141027 JAIL55

Suspect who evaded police for four months was eventually arrested in a robbery case


3 men jailed for 6 months each for blackmailing girls, bombarding them with over 100 messages daily over refusal to date them

Off the cuff

Model’s death-defying stunt in Dubai goes viral

While daredevilry must be discouraged everywhere, visitors and tourists to the UAE bear a special responsibility to abide by local laws and practices

wkr_131220_science_p17 dentist fear

When it comes to treatment, word of mouth carries far more weight than glossy, embossed brochures


If it weren’t for genuine desperation, we’d never earnestly call out to the one who made us