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Defendants used screwdriver and crowbar to break into shop, open safe and steal cash

Sharjah desert

Suspect filmed 19-year-old male student undressed before latter foiled his bid to rape him


Suspects indulged in group knife attack in street following a heated argument in supermarket

Dubai Courts

Court acquits maid of sexually abusing sponsor’s 2-year-old son due to uncorroborated evidence


Suspect denies attempt to kiss the 11-year-old schoolboy, who managed to escape

Social Media

Accused, who had 300 followers on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, jailed for working in sex trade

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Women want pardon after obtaining waiver from family of woman who employed them as prostitutes

prison, jail

Accused dropped a rock on victim’s head from 8th floor rooftop following heated argument

Off the cuff


Feminism is only as successful as the women it stands for; teach your daughters that a game of charades is all that is required to make or break a spirit


Not outer space, that’s for sure

OPN_170327 Laptop ban is Irrational

Trump order will soon have everyone treating their gadgets as contraband that must be got rid of in the loo

Model’s death-defying stunt in Dubai goes viral

While daredevilry must be discouraged everywhere, visitors and tourists to the UAE bear a special responsibility to abide by local laws and practices