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Stabbing, stab, knife attack

Defendant stabbed victim for speaking to former’s wife despite having warned him not to

Valuable load

Scamsters collected Dh2.3b from investors with 100% returns promise

NAT-170620 Jennifer Dalquez

Family rejoices as she has been acquitted of murder, sentenced to five years for theft


Court halts legal action after defendant reconciled with 3 victims he assaulted with sword

prison, jail, imprisonment, jail term, punishment, court sentence

Defendants attacked the three visitors after heated argument with one of them in supermarket

XNE_141020 Jailed man-Inside

Defendant said victim used to grope him and kept asking him to have sex with him


First-time traveller tells judge she doesn’t have kleptomania, but shoplifted six times in two days

handcuffs gavel court courts

Manager mowed down doctor with his car after argument over bad parking

Off the cuff

Moving boxes

Relocating back to one’s home country can be a strange, jarring experience


Feminism is only as successful as the women it stands for; teach your daughters that a game of charades is all that is required to make or break a spirit


Not outer space, that’s for sure

OPN_170327 Laptop ban is Irrational

Trump order will soon have everyone treating their gadgets as contraband that must be got rid of in the loo