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She accuses her partner of threatening to disrupt her impending marriage to another man

Stabbing, stab, knife attack

Countrymen were drinking and arguing over visa one had promised to obtain the other


Accused said he was smitten by the woman’s beauty before he decided to kiss her

wedding rings

The convict was 28-years old when Dubai court found her guilty of premeditated murder


Defendant also jailed for threatening and offending former business partner after financial dispute

Gambling with the planet

Businessman furnished his villa with poker table, hosted gamblers who played for Dh790,000

A CCTV camera

Two men accused of stealing the woman’s cash and phone after having sex with her in back seat of car

prison, jail, imprisonment, jail term, punishment, court sentence

Man jailed and fined Dh100,000 for getting maid to abscond from sponsor

Off the cuff

Pay and use

The emirate has a charming ability to attract people and chances are very high we will pass through here en route to Toronto

Moving boxes

Relocating back to one’s home country can be a strange, jarring experience


Feminism is only as successful as the women it stands for; teach your daughters that a game of charades is all that is required to make or break a spirit


Not outer space, that’s for sure