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Court dismisses appeal of Obaida’s killer who will be executed once ruling is final

Dubai Courts

Suspect tells court judge he did not intend to offend women as he took general snaps at mall

Sharjah Court

Nine-month-old Salama died two weeks after being admitted to hospital with severe injuries


Defendant told Dubai court he touched woman by mistake, apologised to her

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Defendant fined Dh100,000; scanner at airport detected marijuana


Cargo supervisor forged ministry’s stamp on certificate to help export peanuts


Defendant had cited self-defence, claimed victims abused him sexually while he was asleep

XNE 141027 JAIL55

Couple to be tried at Misdemeanours Court for cursing each other before their 10-year-old son

Off the cuff

wkr_131220_science_p17 dentist fear

When it comes to treatment, word of mouth carries far more weight than glossy, embossed brochures


If it weren’t for genuine desperation, we’d never earnestly call out to the one who made us

OPN Cuff pic Tina

Days like this make a person glad to be alive. That I would be able to see such natural beauty is an amazing gift

Jobs elude specialised graduates

Interviewers, thinking that they are good judges of people, ended up confident about the usefulness of the interviews even when the responses were deliberately worthless