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news from courts

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Pair allegedly absconded and stole Dh6,000 from their employer

Ask the law

The suspect forged property registration documents and cheques to swindle money

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Passenger hit police officer with chair before sitting on his chest and repeatedly punching him

Child abuse

Man sexually abused child who was on her way to meet friends after luring her under building's staircase


Spurned boyfriend allegedly sends message to ex-girlfriend's mum threatening to kill his former lover

Dubai courts

Court hears suspect lured mentally challenged 18-year-old to his car and sexually assaulted him

 abuse and exploitation

Teenager stripped 11-year-old boy naked and molested him, while another boy, 12, filmed it on his phone

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Suspect took Dh14,500 to find job for alleged victim and slashed him with razor when he wanted it back

Off the cuff


"Now, you go. I will follow you after 10 months.” He died exactly 10 months later

Crying Baby

The fear of being single in a society that wants you to get married and have babies

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That prospect is still light years away for India, with a top official expressing fear that they will cause widespread joblessness

Pay and use

The emirate has a charming ability to attract people and chances are very high we will pass through here en route to Toronto