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Lawyer argues siblings bought candy in Amsterdam, not knowing it contained drugs


Lawyer Dahi asks appeal court to accept demand that was rejected by primary court


Drug officers apprehended defendant while selling marijuana to informant for Dh300

Dubai courts

Prosecutors seeking toughest punishment for duo who claim methamphetamine was for personal use

Dubai Courts

Man jailed for life for killing sex worker with shayla after fighting over demand to increase payment


Newly court-appointed lawyer takes up case, agrees to represent convict before Appeal Court


Suspect accepted bribes to disregard a client’s unpaid bills that mounted up to Dh20m

Dubai Courts

Duo cleared of brutal beating that killed husband following 4-hour drinking binge at home

Off the cuff

If despite being young, you feel you are getting old, you would certainly look prematurely old, more than your real age


Today in History: September 2, 2001: ‘Chor Bazaar’ at Delhi’s Red Fort closed


Today in History: August 13, 2001: Helios sets new altitude record

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With Harry back after a gap of almost a decade, the magic has come alive again