Yemen girl, 3, hospitalised after rape by father

Family ‘disowns’ man, calls for execution

22 Gulf News

Sana’a: A three-year-old Yemeni girl has been admitted to intensive care with severe bleeding after being raped by her father, the news website reported on Monday.

The little girl was unconscious when she arrived at Al Thawra hospital in Sana’a, and suffered a vaginal rupture which caused the severe bleeding, the website linked to the defence ministry said.

It did not say when the assault happened.

The girl’s uncle has demanded his brother be executed for the alleged crime, saying that the whole family “disowns” the man for the “unforgivable heinous crime,” according to

The unnamed man warned that the family is ready to execute the father if authorities “do not act swiftly.”

Child marriage is common in impoverished and largely tribal Yemen, but does not appear to have been a factor in the alleged rape.


  • Nacyr

    18-Dec-2013 15:51

    Please, for God sake don’t published this kind of news….

  • mohammad

    18-Dec-2013 14:16

    Shocking to read some of the comments here. People actually don't see the real picture, this is about a 3 year old innocent girl, not about where she is from, these sick individuals come from many different walks of life, the only unfortunate thing is that they never mention the culprits name. NAME AND SHAME - LET THE WORLD KNOW OF THIS SICK INDIVIDUAL. I believe that the world needs to know these people actually do exist it hopefully will make people more aware. i believe that to be a lenient punishment, a more severe punishment should be implemented to make an example make him suffer for his crimes here and surely he will face the wrath of the lord.

  • sasikala

    18-Dec-2013 13:46

    Please for heaven sake ..stop publishing these kind of news..what is gulf news gaining out of this...

  • Ali

    18-Dec-2013 12:25

    Last time there was a news of a Yemeni child bride death which came out to be untrue, but by the time the facts came out the damage to the country and people was done.

  • zaffar shaik

    18-Dec-2013 12:21

    Yemeni government should take strict action again this kind of crime. and should implement some of very strict punishment against the same actually not only for a particular place or country we should implement some strict action for all over the world for this kind of crimes.

  • Naqibullah

    18-Dec-2013 12:21

    What kind of Animal was this ? Does not seem like a father


    18-Dec-2013 12:15

    This headline is really offensive, gulfnews should know the culture value of muslim country, no one will stop to published this kind of news. but the words is REALLY OFFENSIVE and uncontrolled. your chief editor should proofread before publishing any sensational news.

  • Muhammad Tariq

    18-Dec-2013 11:55

    He might be mentally ill. A serious investigation is needed to know the reasons of such actions. So that the needful steps could be taken to avoid such incidents in future to happen.

  • Abidha

    18-Dec-2013 11:49

    Animals are better than this. Humanity is becoming extinct from people.. I don't understand why people don't want such news to be published. The news along with the punishment he is sentenced should be published so that men like this wouldn't dare do such crimes again. I pray for the girl to be in better hands now.

  • Muhammad

    18-Dec-2013 11:43

    Please don't publish this type of NEWS

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Please, for God sake don’t published this kind of news….


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