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Suspected US drone strike kills two in Yemen

he US has in recent days intensified drone strikes on Al Qaida militants in Yemen

  • By Saeed Al Batati,
  • Published: 18:42 December 28, 2012
  • Gulf News

Sana’a: A US drone strike killed at least two suspected Al Qaida militants in a southern port town on Friday, a Yemeni security official told Gulf News.

The airstrike occurred in Shiher town, Hadramout province, where similar US drone hit a gathering of Al Qaida militants, killing five on Monday.

“A US drone killed two people in an area outside the town of Shiher,” the official said, giving no details on the dead. The US has in recent days intensified drone strikes on Al Qaida militants in Yemen after almost two months of let-up.

In the capital, a security officer died on Friday in one of the capital’s hospital, suffering from injuries from attacks by gunmen. Brigade Samer Al Gharbani, an officer at the recently-dissolved Republican Guard, was critically injured when armed men shot him on Monday in Dar Bani Suleem district, southern Sana’a.

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