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Zakir Naik named Islamic Personality of the Year

Mumbai-based doctor replaces Shaikh Ahmad Al Tayyeb of Egypt as Islamic Personality of the year

  • Shafaat Shahbandari, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 15:17 July 28, 2013

  • Image Credit: Megan Hirons Mahon/Gulf News
  • Indian Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik speaks about 'Religion in the right perspective' at the 9th Ramadan Forum.

Dubai: The Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA) has named Dr. Zakir Naik of India as the Islamic Personality of the Year for 2013, replacing Shaikh Ahmad Al Tayyeb, Grand Imam of Al Azhar, who was earlier named by DIHQA.

The decision was announced by Ebrahim Bumilha, Chairman of DIHQA's organising committee, on Monday.

Bumilha said that the decision was taken due to Shaikh Al Tayyeb's inability to travel because of the worsening security situation in Egypt.

"Shaikh Al Tayyeb is unable to travel due to the situation in Egypt, which is very sensitive. Compelled by the situation the organising committee has made a decision to name Dr. Zakir Naik, renowned Islamic scholar and preacher as the Islamic Personality for the 17th session," Bumilha said.

Mumbai-based Dr. Naik is a medical doctor but has made a name as a dynamic orator on Islam and Comparative religion.

Dr. Naik has held hundreds of lectures and debates around the world, several of them in Dubai, and is popular for critical analysis and scientific explanations of religious subjects.

The 48-year-old scholar, who is a disciple of the late South African Islamic scholar Ahmad Deedat, has also authored several best-selling Islamic books.

Comments (10)

  1. Added 15:34 July 29, 2013

    As far as my concern Zakir Naik should not accept this award as this award giving to him as a replacment becuase of Shaikh Al Tayyeb is unable to travel due to the situaiton in Egypt. This award didn't given at first place, so.

    Arif, Ruwi, Oman

  2. Added 15:26 July 29, 2013

    May Allah accept their efforts in promoting Peace through Knowledge and May Allah increase us all in Knowledge. Ameen

    Mohammed Sadiq Sheriff Noor, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  3. Added 15:24 July 29, 2013

    I would say one of the best choice.

    Haseeb, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  4. Added 15:22 July 29, 2013

    Good call from DIHQA, Dr. Zakir Naik deserves to be Personality of the year. It is high time that Islamic leaders of non Arab background get global recognition. Muslim community must not forget there is a much bigger (than Arab) Muslim population in India, Asia and Far East. Lets not forget millions of people embraced Islam in Indonesia or Malaysia or Myammar or Assam in India... who are continuously ignored by us.

    Mohammed Fasih, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  5. Added 14:32 July 29, 2013

    Great !!! I congratulate Dr Zakir for his Immense knowledge and his Achievments.

    Javeed, Doha, Qatar

  6. Added 13:52 July 29, 2013

    Congratulations to Dr. Zakir a. Naik. The noble work that you have been Doing qualified you for this prestigious award. May allah bless you with Good health and strength to enable you to continue with bold duty at our Current difficult time.

    Muhammad Abu Bakr , East Africa, Kenya

  7. Added 13:44 July 29, 2013

    Congratulation for selection Islamic Personality of the Year.Dr.Zakir Naik is one of the best islamic scholor in the world.Many Christians.Hindus and Athiests has become muslim listening to his Talk.

    Abu Basim Khan, Allahabad, India

  8. Added 11:55 July 29, 2013

    It is good to know this news as Dr Zakir Naik is a good orator but definitely his approach of comparative religion is not what our Prophet ever preached. Our Prophet (PBUH) never compared any religion and degraded any religion. He presented only Islam.

    Angel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  9. Added 10:28 July 29, 2013

    He is a man of Peace and clears the misconception, misunderstanding among us. Well Done Mr. Ebrahim Bumilha, Chairman of DIHQA's organizing committee. He is suitable for that award 100%

    S. Rafeeque Ahmed, Ajman,, India

  10. Added 10:08 July 29, 2013


    ABIDEEN, DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

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