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More expatriates now allowed to sponsor families

Deposit of Dh5,000 per person required

  • By Bassma Al Jandaly, Senior Reporter
  • Published: 00:00 September 28, 2010
  • Gulf News

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  • Previously, some professions such as drivers, bakers, tailors and cooks were not allowed to sponsor their family members. Photo for illustrative purposes only.
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Dubai: Some categories of expatriate workers who had previously been barred from sponsoring their children and family members can now do so by depositing Dh5,000 per person, a senior Ministry of Interior official has said.

Major General Nasser Al Awadi Al Menhali, Assistant Undersecretary for Naturalisation, Residency and Ports Affairs at the Ministry of Interior, told Gulf News on Monday that 57 categories of workers previously barred from sponsoring family members' residence visas would now be able to do so.

"Previously, some professions such as drivers, bakers, tailors and cooks were not allowed to sponsor their family members, regardless of how much money they earned. Now we have solved their issues by allowing them to sponsor their families if they pay the required deposit," Major General Al Menhali said.

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He said the decision applied mostly to low-skilled and semi-skilled workers.

The affected categories include welders, blacksmiths, goldsmiths, plumbers, mechanics, laundry workers, car washers, grocers, sales people, butchers and construction workers.

Some of the 57 categories of profession who were previously barred from sponsoring their family members are:

  • Cooks (Arabic cuisine cook, continental cuisine cook, falafel maker, sweets maker, pastry maker, assistant cook)
  • Certain skilled categories like welder, blacksmith, goldsmith, plumber, tile worker, painter (automobile painter), engine worker, assistant mechanic
  • Laundry worker, car washer, grave digger, grocer, salesman, waiters, office boys, butcher
  • Makeup artist, hairdresser, barber, tailor, decoration jobs
  • Drivers (pick up driver and private drivers)
  • Trainers like falcon trainer and private tutor.
  • Guards
  • Labourer (construction workers)
  • In addition to these some other professions of unskilled or semiskilled workers are among the categories.

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  1. Added 18:33 September 28, 2010

    Anyway its good,so many people were suffering because of there proffession is in barred catagory and earns more than enough salary.Kindly make clear about deposit money,is it refundable or not.Other thing on drivers catagory,private drivers we knows but what they means pickup drivers.Awaits more detailed notification,thanks


  2. Added 18:33 September 28, 2010

    Just came from the immigration office and ask if my wife can sponsor me for a residence visa because the company that I am working with just close and cancelled my visa today. The first immigration officer told us that we just need to show my termination letter so that they might as in migth consider allowing my wife to sponsor me but we need to attached the labor contract and college/degree diploma. my wife is earning 5500 as a sales representative but undergraduate. my 2 sons are studying here. the first officer told us the we need to speak to the captain or the officer in charge whose beside us. The officer in charge said NO you cannot sponsor your husband only kids. So i dont know if they know this new policy or what.

    Paolo, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  3. Added 17:55 September 28, 2010

    This is a welcome move from the authorities. While it may be difficult to raise the deposit, at least it is not impossible and could unite many affected families.

    Akbar, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  4. Added 17:34 September 28, 2010


    MUZZAMMAL ASLAM , DUBAI , United Arab Emirates

  5. Added 17:33 September 28, 2010

    I admire the ministry of interior - Dubai, UAE; this helps many categories of expatriates professionals to sponsor their families. I hope some day they would also allow the women expatriates who are also earning good salary allow to sponsor their husbands and children by depositing Dhs5000.

    SAILESH, NEW JERSEY, United States

  6. Added 17:23 September 28, 2010

    Is the deposit Refundable or Non-refundable? I recall few years back for sponsoring parents a deposit was required of 5000 dhs. and it turned out to be non-refundable. If its for "certain category workers" Dhs. 5000 non-refundable deposit can hurt them a lot.

    Dimple , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  7. Added 17:21 September 28, 2010

    can a store keeper by profession give visa to her wife with out depositing 5k dirhams?

    anonymous, dubai, Afghanistan

  8. Added 16:07 September 28, 2010

    this is very good for every one.i think,dubai govt always can understand workers feeling.bcoz of that,today, we can see this is kind of news from dubai govt.i must thanks to dubai govt and His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.if the dubai govt give this kind,good for workes and uae to.

    kader maideen, sharjah, United Arab Emirates

  9. Added 15:29 September 28, 2010

    its good news, but i want to know for how long of days of visa we can get and after depositing the amount. if a person want to goback.thn the person can get deposited amount

    shridhar, dubai, India

  10. Added 14:52 September 28, 2010

    I admire MINISTRY OF INTERIOR- DUBAI, UAE; this helps many categories of expatriates professionals to sponsor their families. All GCC should follow such changes to bring economical growth for their countries.

    Jeffin Kakkassery, Doha , Qatar

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