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Motorists in Dubai to get discounts on fines

Chief of Dubai Police, however, didn't set a timeframe as to when this discount will start

  • By Alia Al Theeb, Deputy UAE Editor
  • Published: 23:29 July 29, 2011

Nuisance for all
  • Image Credit: Gulf News Archive
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Dubai: There will soon be a discount on payment of traffic fines in Dubai, the Chief of Dubai Police revealed through his Twitter account.

In reply to a question from one of his account followers on whether there will be a discount on payment of traffic fines for Dubai, as is the case for some other emirates, Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim replied by saying “soon”.

He then replied to other questions from other followers and said the discount on payment of Dubai traffic fines will be for a certain period and under the condition of paying all the fines one has. He, however didn’t set a timeframe as to when this discount will start.

Gulf News earlier reported that with amendments to the federal traffic law, traffic departments in all seven emirates are in a position to allow 50 per cent discount on traffic fines.

However, the departments in each emirate will have to decide whether reducing fines should be extended to all motorists or done on a case by case basis.

The ministerial decree, No 400/2010, issued by Lieutenant General Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, had made a provision in the law for traffic departments in all emirates to extend the traffic fines discount to all offenders should they wish to do so.

The traffic departments in Abu Dhabi (including Al Ain and Gharbia) started the discounts in June last year.

Comments (12)

  1. Added 17:19 July 30, 2011

    "Discount on traffic fines" by itself sounds ridiculous. I thought the objective of imposing fines is to deter bad drivers and curb their natural instinct of driving recklessly thereby posing a danger to people's lives. Here, the objective seems like generating money thereby sending wrong signals to the bad drivers (especially those who speed & jump red signals). On the other hand, I dont understand why there are no black points for speeding. You need to have that in place before giving a discount on traffic fines!!! And yeah, Ramadan Kareem!!

    Anand, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 16:09 July 30, 2011

    I agree that some people dont know how to drive. driving at 50kmh in the fast lane on Emirates road is crazy, however i've also seen people driving at 120+ on roads where speed is limited to 70/80! Any speeding driver puts not only his life in danger, but also others in danger. it is totally irresponsible to state "if people want to speed, let them do it, they will kill themselves" fines are here to sanction reckless irresponsible drivers, regardless of whether they are speeding or not.

    Karim, dubai, United Arab Emirates

  3. Added 15:44 July 30, 2011

    Many people do not understand the difference between FAST and RECKLESS driving. A person can maintain safety even if he is driving fast by considering conditions such as type of road, vehicle, traffic, etc. It is rightly said that anyone who commits a mistake should be punished, but one should also consider the circumstances and accordingly decide to reduce/waive off the fines.

    Adel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  4. Added 14:48 July 30, 2011

    Some people only know how to complain rather than thank them for what they are providing.

    Parvaiz, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

  5. Added 14:31 July 30, 2011

    This is really a good news as this will save many people's income also and therefore the authorities will have to warn the fine violaters not to do such accident or drive fast which is against the rules.

    SAYED ABDULLA , AJMAN, United Arab Emirates

  6. Added 14:27 July 30, 2011

    There should be a discount on fines that have been long overdue only for those who can't pay them. As for the accidents here are not only caused by speeding but by people who really dont know how to drive and its usually these drivers who complain about speeding, those who want to speed let them speed get out of their way they're killing themselves anyway. Driving in the fast lane at 50, not knowing how to change lanes is a big issue here. Ive seen how they teach driving here and its appalling. The best thing to do is take away the licenses of those who dont know how to drive and for some reason have licenses.

    Mark Trevor, -, United Arab Emirates

  7. Added 14:02 July 30, 2011

    I have to disagree with the comments above. This is only a discount, not completely free! I will STILL be careful if i have to pay half the fines because any amount of money paid could have been saved if I did not speed. A discount will not nullify the purpose of the fine.

    Ahmad El-Alamy, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

  8. Added 13:49 July 30, 2011

    you get a fine, you pay the fine. period. if you want to introduce a process to make it easier for offenders to pay their duty, that's fine. yesterday, i almost got hit by a car in a mall parking lot! the guy was looking elsewhere while driving. people should be sanctionned and the only efficient way to lower down the number of reckless drivers on the roads is to hit people hard on their pockets.

    karim, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  9. Added 12:11 July 30, 2011

    Forget the discounts make the fines higher and start taking away peoples driver's licences who speed often or over a certain speed. If you make a mistake and have to pay for it you'll be more carful next time. I have no symapthy for any one who has to pay a speeding fine. I've paid and now am more careful. Speed is killing people on the highways, not the fog, not the wind, not bad tires. It's speed. SLOW DOWN, LIVE LONGER!!

    Bob, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  10. Added 11:28 July 30, 2011

    Get them to pay in Installments. At least they will recover the money.. no one can pay up front if they have fines of up to Dh2,000 or more.. Monthly minimum of Dh50...

    Jahangir Khan, Melbourne, Australia

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