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Dubai's International City kicks up a stink

Foul water flooding roads, taps running dry and tiles coming off walls are only a few of the problems plaguing International City residents

  • By Jay B. Hilotin, Chief Reporter
  • Published: 00:00 September 29, 2011

Residents are sick to the bone with the state of affairs in International City
  • Image Credit: Oliver Clarke/XPRESS
  • Residents are sick to the bone with the state of affairs in International City.

DUBAI: International City residents are at their wit's end over pools of water fouling up roads, taps running dry for days on end and broken tiles coming off walls and floors.

"It used to be that every winter we had flooding, and the smell was awful," said Nancy, an Iranian-Canadian resident who owns a unit in the Morocco cluster. "Now it's there even in summer."

Intermittent flooding near China and Morocco has been reported by residents since February.

Worse, last week, Nancy said their taps ran dry for five days. "The entire building was without water. We're told it was a water pump problem," said the businesswoman who bought her unit at the township five years ago. Nancy said in the first few days she had to bring in water from DragonMart.

"It was an expensive solution," she said. She then moved to a relative's place until the taps flowed again after five days.

A Nakheel spokesperson said: "As we are all aware, there was no water in some buildings in other clusters [but] those are already resolved by our service provider."

The spokesperson added that a few cases of electricity disruption in the China cluster due to a technical issue in the common area caused a short interruption of the water supply, but "due care has been given and services were restored". However, residents also have to contend with constant flooding from the lake near the Morocco and China clusters, which many find a huge turn-off.

"When you want to walk around or drive in this area, it's sickening," said Ahmad, a Pakistani.

The spokesperson said they are aware of the problem and that "Nakheel is working with its contractors and consultants to study and execute permanent solutions to the said issues".

The spokesperson said they are pumping out the excess water.


Flor, an Asian resident, also complained about "half-hearted" maintenance. The investor said she reported the matter to Nakheel and even sent them pictures of tiles coming off walls and floors but no action was taken. A resident confirmed that early this week, maintenance staff came to replace the broken tiles and clean the AC units.

Reacting to this complaint, the spokesperson said that the solution to any maintenance-related issues depends on the type of property within IC as there are leasehold, freehold, commercial business development, Limitless and single-owners buildings within the area.

But the residents are far from convinced. "I moved here because I felt the development, would solve the lack of affordable housing in Dubai. But now the place has turned into a virtual Sonapur, a workers' accommodation, with bachelors dominating the area," said P.S. a resident of England Cluster.

"Initially," said an Indian investor, "someone from Nakheel used to visit all the apartments and take note of how many people are staying in one flat. Now no one cares. If this continues, families will move out and more and more bachelors will move in, making it a Bachelors City."

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  1. Added 21:05 October 1, 2011

    There is another problem in international city and i.e. the phone number of female massagers, room service, at every door, is this a community or a prostitution centre?? I moved to spain with my family from Abu Dhabi but had no idea of this.. and i wonder why Nakheel does not do anything against these ppl who are promoting this.

    Muhammad Usman, Dubai, Pakistan

  2. Added 20:05 October 1, 2011

    All these problems of sewerage, no water or no power are with the free hold building who are not paying service charges to Nakheel and in return they are not provided the services, with all this mess the owners of the flats or buildings are not suffering but the tenants have to suffer. Whereas I am the tenant of Nakheel owned properties, we never had any such problems, all our maintenance problems are resolved immediately, our buildings are very clean and safe. I am living in IC from 3 years and I love it, its a beautiful community with a lot of retail out lets many restaurant, alot of greenery and fresh air. I think we should look at the positive side.

    Muhammad, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  3. Added 11:43 October 1, 2011

    Traffic Jams on entry/exit point of International City is a headache and now the leakages etc too. But starting an article with these issues and ending up critising bachelors is really unfair!!! Bechalors pay same or even more rent than families, so Bachelors must have equal rights!! Live and let others live please .. People should straighten there houses 1st before pointing finger at others..

    Aamir, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  4. Added 10:17 October 1, 2011

    I am facing Traffic jam problem, Exit and Entry Morning/Evdening time, Taking 30 minutes to 1 hour time pass the way, Problem is there is no strong traffic patroling, need permentent police post from morning 6 to 10 and evening 5 to 8 peoples are suffering problem also wasing time which we have to give in this coutry development, I hope that you will do the needful to solve this proble, thanks for giving chance to write this message

    Abdul Samad, International city,Russia cluster, India

  5. Added 05:02 October 1, 2011

    The secrets revealed, the truth unfolds…

    SS, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  6. Added 15:58 September 29, 2011

    Very soon Al Khail Gate building in Al Quoz will face the same problem. As of now we have been facing a lot of issues in terms of roof leakage etc. I have been residing here for the last one year and have been facing the problem of roof leakage since day one. Whenever a complaint has been lodged we have received a very lukewarm response – stating that it can only be rectified by the contractor. I don’t understand what a tenant has to do with a building contractor. I urge XPRESS to investigate this.

    Mohammed, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  7. Added 14:06 September 29, 2011

    The problem of traffic jam at the entry and exit routes has existed for more than three years. However, no action has been taken yet. During the summer months, I had to complain about the AC at least 50 times. The garbage is collected from the building door by some dirty inmates. Except for some notices, there has not been any action. I am sure nobody would do any nonsense if the area is under Dubai Municipality’s supervision. Sewage water seeps in through the ceiling and we have neighbours who are truly international! We go to great lengths to save energy ... but the extra distance covered by more than a 1,000 cars everyday and the fuel consumption may probably equal to multiple times the quantity of energy saved on the energy conservation day! Public transport has been encouraged. However, in International City, people have to wait for hours under the open sun without a shade and scores of commuters have to wait endlessly at the Zebra crossings to cross the road as there are no speed breakers and nobody bothers to stop.

    Stan C., Dubai, United Arab Emirates