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The Christmas season is a time when retailers see sales grow as people head to shopping malls to shop and dine.

Christmas in Dubai a joyful surprise for many

Expats acknowledge that special events help them feel as if they were back home for holidays

Coral reefs of Al Yasat Marine Protected Area in Abu Dhabi.

Gulf corals may hold key to future of reefs

Abu Dhabi research team studies ways of replicating higher heat-tolerance of local species in less resilient varieties

Arab broadcasters are encouraged to do away with standard Arabic, which is understood by all Arabs, and use their local lingo.

'Promote daily use of Arabic'

International Arabic Language Day celebrated with workshops and competitions

View of Global Village

Global Village attracts varied visitors

Americas pavilion and Illumination World show among new attractions

Meat products approved by the Ministry of Environment and Water, but do not have an approved halal certificate from one of the Islamic associations will not be allowed entry into the UAE. Picture for illustrative purposes.

Controversial ‘halal beef’ not imported to UAE

US food company indicted for marketing product not slaughtered in accordance with Sharia

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