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The victim reportedly mistakenly accelerated instead of hitting the brakes, causing her to fall from a a multi-storey car park. The incident took place in the Khalifa Energy Complex from the Khalifa Street side where the victim and her white four-wheel-drive vehicle fell.

Woman killed after driving off sixth floor

Driver in Abu Dhabi multi-storey car park mistakenly hits accelerator instead of brakes, say police

 Heavy flow of traffic during morning rush hour at Shaikh Zayed road toward Dubai.

Dubai traffic snarls frustrate motorists

Congestion in newer areas in Dubai irks motorists

Expatriates crowd an exchange house to send money home.

UAE remittances: Who sends most cash home?

Rising US dollar drives money leaving the emirates

UAE professionals looking for a new job tend to explore opportunities in top growth sectors, primarily because they think these industries offer good compensation and benefits.

Top UAE industries for jobseekers today

Find out which sectors are most preferred by professionals in the emirates

A drone with camera tested by Gulf News.

Unregulated drones pose serious threat

The science behind how drones pose dangers to aircrafts in flight

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