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Room check: An official visits a bachelor accommodation in Abu Dhabi

‘Say no to bachelors’ campaign in Abu Dhabi

Residents asked to report housing violations and cooperate with the campaign

A number plate on a car registered in Dubai.

Dubai cars to get new number plates

Vehicles registered in the city to get fresh design and colours under new RTA plans

Boy behaving suspiciously whilst using laptop.

Secret online lives of kids in the UAE

How children elude prying parents with anonymous Facebook accounts and chat IDs

Air India

Dubai-bound Air India flight forced to land

Flight with 186 passengers landed in Thiruvananthapuram after a technical snag

Daylight robbery victim: Meena Mekali was robbed of jewellery worth Dh10,000 by a fake cop

Fake officer on the prowl, robs maids

Kandoura-clad man waylays domestic workers, forces them to handover cash and jewellery

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Beyond Words

Illustrations that speak a thousand words

A kid plays at a park in Abu Dhabi.

Picture Speak

Gulf News lensmen capture myriad shades of life

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Experts address all your health concerns

Blog: Frame by Frame

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Blog: Notes

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