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Death penalty for man who killed his boss

Sentenced in absentia as he remains at large since 2009 murder


Dh70,000 cheque for Dh3,500 credit card

Woman tells Dubai court that her bank made her sign blank cheque for Dh3,500 credit card

Federal National Council (FNC) building in Abu Dhabi

UAE steps up fight against terror with tough law

FNC passes draft that includes death penalty, life terms and heavy fines for convicts

Farzana Parvez Hussain who is facing a residency ban despite certificate from government hospital that her disease is cured. With her is daughter Ambreen.

Sick and dying, mother faces deportation

A Dubai resident declared free of TB continues to face the threat of deportation

People using the Nol transport card will be able to use them
in grocery shops or hypermarkets in new RTA plan.

Old Nol cards to expire on August 1

Dubai public transport users urged to replace cards issued in 2009

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Blue jelly fish seen in Al Mamzar beach in Dubai. 
Cyanea lamarckii, also known as the blue jellyfish or bluefire jellyfish, is a species of jellyfish in the family Cyaneidae.
Photo:Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

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