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Staying safe among the creepy crawlies

Experts outline the symptoms and signs of a severe reaction after an insect bite or sting

Gore was paralysed from the waist down in a workplace accident 11 years ago, but with the aid of the 27-pound gadget that snaps together from pieces that fit into a backpack he stands and walks with the assistance of science and engineering. The device is among several competing products that hold promise for people with spinal injuries, like Gore, and for people with multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy or for those recovering from strokes.

Brain-wasting disease on the rise

Identifying early symptoms and proper treatment can help control multiple sclerosis in UAE

Residents attend the Good Friday service on the grounds of St Mary’s Church in Dubai yesterday. The church as well as its
grounds are always packed with worshippers on special occasions. Screens installed at various points on the grounds help those
who cannot enter the church participate in the prayers.

Good Friday service draws thousands

Christians urged to be dedicated in their faith in good times and in bad and follow Christ’s example

Adrian Hayes

UAE resident in new attempt to conquer killer K2

British adventurer Adrian Hayes says lessons have been learned from deadly 2013 expedition on world’s second-highest mountain

Yousuf Estes, a former priest who converted to Islam,
stressed the importance of happiness in his lecture

Emotional scenes as peace convention begins

Four people accept Islam during opening of three-day event on Thursday

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Stylish race goers attending the Dubai World Cup 2014 ? PHOTO Zarina Fernandes/ Gulf News

Picture Speak

Gulf News lensmen capture myriad shades of life

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Experts address all your health concerns

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