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How to pass a job interview

Good times for job-seekers in UAE

More than 60% of UAE employers are definitely hiring in the next three months


‘Social media preferred source of news in UAE’

Paper on mobile internet habits in the UAE presented at Cambridge

Pupils return to school after the summer vacations. It will be hard for them to get back to the routine, and changing their sleeping and eating patterns after a long break.

Parents worried over rising school fees

Tuition fees remain a burden as it continues to take up a big part of their income

Rain in Dubai and other Emirates in United Arab Emirates.

Chances of rain on Sunday afternoon

It might rain on Sunday but weather won’t disrupt opening of schools

Dubious degrees:  Copies of some phony academic certificates issued to UAE residents

Do not forge papers for pay hike, Filipinos told

Lawyer warns Filipinos against faking documents to get ahead in their careers

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