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Digital autobiography. Snapshots from the month long filming of the top 12 itineraries in Dubai

Revealed: Dubai’s best hidden attractions

Social media tourism drive focuses on hidden treasures

Dubai’s road network
has grown by
50 per cent in the
last eight years,
but traffic density is
still high.

Congestion needs ‘out of the box’ solutions

Experts stress more has to be done to end traffic crisis

Nizaha Aalaa died after being locked in her school bus earlier this month.

Bus death defendants deny charges

Bus driver, attendant’s mistakes all human errors: victim's dad

Traffic jam

Take public transport, win gold, cash in Dubai

4kg gold, raffles and Nol cards among RTA’s prizes to mark 5th Public Transport Day

Faris Mersi

Boy launches contest to find sustainable ideas

Eleventh grader Faris Mersi walks the eco talk with unique Wajib project

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Back to no-restraint for the very wealthy

Beyond Words

Illustrations that speak a thousand words

An artist perform during the Latino Circus show at Ajman City Centre.

Picture Speak

Gulf News lensmen capture myriad shades of life

Blog: Health Matters

Experts address all your health concerns

Blog: Frame by Frame

This is a place for opinions on all visual media

Blog: Notes

We talk all things music, from banal to esoteric

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