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The Federal Supreme Court. A clandestine group comprising 20 Egyptians and 10 Emiratis is
accused of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood’s international organisation.

Judge rejects bail in UAE terror trial

4 witnesses heard in hearing of 15 accused of having Al Qaida links

The seizure of 5,364kg of hashish was made possible with help from Dubai Police. Coalition forces stopped the boat after being informed by Dubai Police. Even
though the drug was not intended to pass through the UAE, the emirate’s authorities felt their responsibility towards the international community.

UAE helps in world's biggest hashish bust

Information from Dubai Police helps in largest international hashish bust of 2014

The intellectual battle against ISIS

UAE's 3-point plan to eliminate extremism

Mohammad calls for upgrading governance and grassroots human development

Dubai Courts.

Trial over Dh1.5m embezzled gold

Verdict out in trial of court-appointed receiver in civil dispute between gold traders

The new system allows residents to sign documents electronically with their Emirates ID card

Youth caught at adult-only Dubai beach party

Students used adults’ IDs and forged driving licences to enter over-21s party

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