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People walking on the New Jumeirah Corniche Jogging Track early morning.

Jumeirah Corniche gets a green makeover

Sustainable lighting solutions being incorporated into redevelopment project in area

Dubai Courts

Carpooler tries to bribe inspector with Dh400

Defendant caught transporting 3 passengers in his private car for Dh20 around Al Nahda

Jean-Paul Tarud Ambassador of Chile.

From Chile, with love

UAE-born Chilean ambassador reminisces about the better part of his life spent in the Emirates

The emirate lights up for Eid in Dubai

What to do in Dubai for Eid Al Adha

Concerts, comedy, shopping and more to lure visitors to the city for the 17-day celebration

Dubai Courts

Nightclub manager jailed for bribe bid

Defendant allegedly wanted official to overlook violations, Dubai court hears

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