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The Mers coronavirus typically causes severe respiratory problems.

3 Mers patients in UAE get all-clear

Patients were able to overcome the infection within 10 days, without any treatment

Parts of Jumeirah Open Beach are private, but other areas are supervised by Dubai Municipality.

Lack of amenities at Jumeirah Beach

Residents and beachgoers raise concerns over lack of public facilities, including toilets

An artist’s impression of how a Metro station will look after
the transformation.

6 Metro stations to be turned into museums

Islamic art, photography, contemporary and musical art among the themes of the museums

Privately listed numbers on commercial vehicles are a means
to alert the driver’s company about his or her driving behaviour. However,
a random check by Gulf News showed that a few of the mobile
phone or landline numbers were scratched out or missing digits.

Eye on reckless drivers in Dubai

Council considers mandatory display of contact number on commercial vehicles

Participants at a drug awareness campaign organised by Sharjah Police at the Sharjah Youth
Centre. Programmes like this seek to educate the youth on the dangers of drug abuse.

Drugs are public enemy number one: top official

Renewed war on drugs in schools and on the streets is more important than ever, he says

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Stylish race goers attending the Dubai World Cup 2014 ? PHOTO Zarina Fernandes/ Gulf News

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