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The ZTE Blade L2, using the OS Android 4.4 KitKat platform. There are security risks in the internal storage used by applications on Google Android devices, according to Palo Alto Networks.

Millions of Android mobile phones 'at risk'

Middle East users of Google system vulnerable to hackers, says security company

Keep your Nol ready:  Cab users can now pay taxi fare with Nol card

RTA hikes Nol card minimum balance

Commuters need to have at least Dh5.80 left in their card to board the train, bus

 Dubai International
Financial Centre

Al Khorafi family wins Swiss bank case in Dubai

Bank Sarasin-Alpen to appeal DIFC Court ruling on investment losses case

Ask the law

'My salary was Dh4,000 less than my contract'

Ask the Law: Salary should be as per labour contract, says our legal expert

'Mars, Snickers and Galaxy Milk drinks are non-toxic': Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority

'Mars and Snickers milk drinks are non-toxic'

Chocolate drinks are safe, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority says after false information circulated via social media

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