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Kuwait Towers

Kuwait court jails 3 Daesh supporters

The ruling marks a first in the country against the radical militant group

Three Al Qaida suspects killed in drone strike

Attack believed to be carried out by the United States

Loujain Hathloul drove her car from the UAE to the Saudi Arabian border in early December to protest the ban on women drivers and released a video of it, but she was detained for six days by Saudi authorities for defying the ban

Saudi women gear up to fight driving ban

Many more Saudi women are finding novel ways to persuade authorities to allow them to drive

A Kuwaiti worker of Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) operates a manifold that controls the flow of crude oil into a gathering center at Burgan oil field, some 40 miles south of Kuwait City.

Kuwait accepts Iraq request on reparations

Iraq requested one-year deferral of $4.6 billion reparation payment for 1990-91 invasion


Yemen approves new Cabinet

The 301 vote came two days after loyalists of Saleh derailed a vote of confidence on the government

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