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OPN_180106 TrumpOk

Trump’s utter unfitness for the presidency has been laid bare in Michael Wolff’s new book

OPN_180102 Tech

Former Google and Facebook executives are sounding the alarm about the pervasive power of tech. Will we listen?

election war

Political campaigning, which has become a mini-industry driven by significant rewards, will play a key role in the wide-ranging ballots

OPN_171016 social networks_P1

Big social networks become so much part of our lives - and the effects of their failures so consequential - that they should be regulated in new ways

opn Mike Pence.JPG

Instead of applauding Washington, the EU is furious. Russia’s leader is again profiting from the White House moves


In social media, where ‘friends’ are a click away, fake friends are easy to fabricate, and fake news can be generated and promoted by paid trolls and mechanical bots

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