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data on Facebook

Big data companies use our personal information to enrich themselves. Regulation of this is long overdue

OPN_180315 Russia threat back with a vengeance

From Washington to Brussels to Berlin, a full-scale resolve is needed in the face of unacceptable behaviour

Rex Tillerson

If you don’t completely agree with Trump, there is a high likelihood that you will be shown the door in the current US administration

OPN_180219 Robert Mueller

The question is how extensive was the interplay between the Trump campaign and the Russian backing for the Republican candidate and how cognisant of foreign influence were Trump and his team

OPN_180106 TrumpOk

Trump’s utter unfitness for the presidency has been laid bare in Michael Wolff’s new book

OPN_180102 Tech

Former Google and Facebook executives are sounding the alarm about the pervasive power of tech. Will we listen?

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