opn_Xi Jinping

The US has been the primary international power in the region for nearly two centuries, but Trump’s foreign policy may create an opening for Beijing to take the lead

Michael Flynn 2

An urgent bipartisan investigation, ideally an independent panel modelled on the 9/11 Commission, is needed to ascertain the extent of Russian involvement in the US presidential election

OPN_170127 Theresa May P1S

The British Prime Minister is facing tough negotiations from the European Union and will look to the US for support at this critical juncture

OPN_170110 Leftist

The Left, once a vibrant political force, has been out of touch. Its future is bleak if it insists on living in denial

How the US deceives itself on Russia

In reality US relationship with Russia will remain competitive, and often adversarial, for the foreseeable future. At its core is a fundamental disconnect about each other’s role in the world


In Asia, Africa and this region, political consultants may be on the threshold of some challenging work

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