OPN_170110 Leftist

The Left, once a vibrant political force, has been out of touch. Its future is bleak if it insists on living in denial

How the US deceives itself on Russia

In reality US relationship with Russia will remain competitive, and often adversarial, for the foreseeable future. At its core is a fundamental disconnect about each other’s role in the world


In Asia, Africa and this region, political consultants may be on the threshold of some challenging work

OPN_170107  Julian Assange _P1S

WikiLeaks did favour a candidate in the US election. And the candidate it aided is so hostile to the public’s right to information that he won’t even release his tax returns

OPN_170105 Mark ZuckerbergP1S

Zuckerberg wanted to be able to serve two years in government without having to sell his stake

OPN_170101 US Global Influence

Zbigniew Brzezinski strongly believes that it is not for war or conquest, but for the good of enhancing security and stability that the two ntions should have cordial ties

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