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OPN_171016 social networks_P1

Big social networks become so much part of our lives - and the effects of their failures so consequential - that they should be regulated in new ways

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Instead of applauding Washington, the EU is furious. Russia’s leader is again profiting from the White House moves


In social media, where ‘friends’ are a click away, fake friends are easy to fabricate, and fake news can be generated and promoted by paid trolls and mechanical bots

OPN_170702 Russia

They didnt understand the corrosive effect of Moscow’s money, let alone the dangers it posed to the political system

OPN_170504 Social Media ill

Facebook, Twitter and Google have been too slow to react to hate crime and propaganda on the web

OPN_170427 Tory wave

Tactical voting and progressive alliances are the only way to save party MPs. Otherwise, they will disappear from swaths of the UK

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