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How to move like a star

As Bollywood’s first dance film hits the screens, here’s our guide to how to nail some moves

  • 8: Go back to the original position, facing forward and knees bent. Place both hands on the chest with palms fImage Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News
  • 7. Bring your right foot in front of the left. Bend your knees and turn palms inwards, facingyour chest. TapImage Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News
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As Bollywood’s answer to Step Up hits theatres this weekend with ABCD: Anybody Can Dance, tabloid! put Dubai-based dance instructor Gurvinder Singh of Melody Makers to task. His mission? To teach us the iconic steps popularised by stars featured in the film.

Go on then, put on those dancing shoes and see if you can nail these moves.


Star: Prabhu Deva a.k.a South India’s Michael Jackson

Iconic Move: Muqala Muqabla from the hit Kadhalan

It’s all about: Practice

Step one: Stand with your legs apart, place your left arm folded on your chest.

Step two: Bend your legs, prepare your punch with your right hand. As soon as your punch out, push your body and your waist outwards and to your left. Then, do the same step with your left hand. Repeat the same step twice with your right hand.

Step three: Bend your legs again, prepare with your punch the left hand. Repeat the same movements as above.

Step four: The moment you are done with this, tap your feet on the right side and move your body toward the right direction with your legs apart. This mean, your body is facing your right side. This is in preparation to the hop move.

Step four: Now your left feet is behind and right foot is forward. Then, slide your right feet backwards and simultaneously lift your left leg and bring it forward. While you are at this, your hands should move up when you are lifting your leg and arms should drop down when your feet drop forward.

Step five: Repeat the same move with your left feet. Drag your left feet backward and lift the right leg and drop it forward.

Step six: The moment your drop your right leg forward, bring your knees inward and move it outside. Remember, that your hand movement should replicate your moves with the knees. In other words, your hands should move inward and outward.

Step seven: Move your body towards left and bring your right feet across the left. Bend your knees and bring both your hands into a lateral Namaste pose. However, the palm should be facing outside. Tap your feet and then push your palm forward twice. Tapping and the palm move should happen simultaneously. Combine this with moving your neck from side to side.

Step 8: Get back to the original position of facing forward and knees bent. At the same time, place both your hands on the chest with palm facing outside. Push your upper body towards your right and your hand should move towards the left. Repeat this twice.


Star: Ganesh Acharya

Iconic step: Hud Hud from Dabangg

It’s all about: attitude and confidence. Keep your ears peeled to the lyrics.

Step one: As the first line man balwaan rings through the room, keep your legs apart and move your right hand over the chest. Flex your right hand as if you are showing off your muscles on your arms. Then you take that arm and point it outwards and then raise it to the sky.

Step two: When you hear the line rahe maidan mein aage, you need to bring both your arms forward as if you are pointing at somebody in front of you. Make a sweeping motion outwards.

Step three: As the line hud hud dabangg comes along, keep your legs apart and tap your left feet. Keep your left arm folded in upward punch in front of your chest and scoop your right arm under it. Keep tapping your left feet all the while and repeat the movement four times.


Terence Lewis:

Iconic move: Ballad Kyun

Step one: Stand straight and slide your right leg in an inner semi-circle motion backwards. At the same time, move your left hand forward and wade your way through. Repeat this twice with your left leg and right arm and then right leg and left arm.

Step two: As you nail the repetition, turn with your left feet over your right. It’s a pirouette, so feel the motion. Then move your arms upward and then bring your hands in eight counts.

Step three: Step back and prepare for another pirouette. You need to move forward as you piroutte. End with two spins and your hands in front of your chest.

Step four: As soon as you complete your two spins, join your feet together and swing your both hands upwards. The step is complete.


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