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Pick of the best gadgets for November

alpha takes a look at amazing Samsung audio dock, Logitech ipad keyboard cover, Philips styleshaver pro and other gadgets

  • By Nitin Nair, Editor, Alpha magazine
  • Published: 10:07 November 5, 2012
  • alpha

Samsung audio dock
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  • With the retro-inspired DA-E750, Samsung has got it spot on when it comes to producing a stylish audio dock.
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Samsung audio dock

Samsung now has audio equipment in its sights. With the retro-inspired DA-E750, Samsung has got it spot on when it comes to producing a stylish audio dock. It may look totally vintage, but the DA-E750 never falls short on the tech. Our only gripe is that the device is unreasonably heavy, although the box packs a punch and delivers powerful sound. We really like the small touches that set it apart from the other docks on the market, like the presence of a sealed glass vacuum tube amplifier that adds a nice vintage touch, and a rich cherry wood finish that ensures it fits right in with the rest of your living room.

The overall design is simple and very functional. The retracting audio dock hides neatly at the rear of the console, eliminating the fear of dust building up on the connecting ports. The sound quality is superb, crisp and clean. You can amplify bass with a dedicated button on the remote. You can also easily toggle from wireless connectivity (Bluetooth devices, including Bluetooth TV), Airplay, USB, as well as a docking port for both iOS and Galaxy devices. _JP Dh2,999 at leading stores

Logitech ipad keyboard cover

Touchscreen keyboards may be here to stay but there’s still something reassuring about the clackety-clack noise of fingertips poking away on little plastic squares. It’s also more ergonomically comfortable and therefore better if you’re going to type something more substantial than a Facebook post or Tweet. That’s why Logitech’s Bluetooth enabled iPad Keyboard Cover is a perfect accompaniment to the iPad. Fitting snugly on to the iPad itself, it has magnets on its edge enabling it to latch firmly on to the side and fold right over it. It’s also light and incredibly thin at an anorexic 0.5 inches.

The plastic keys are very comfortable, but they don’t depress that much, making it relatively quiet. The dedicated function keys are a big help, while the substantial space bar ensures your fingers won’t have any trouble hitting it – handy when you’re typing away into the night like a maniacal man of letters, Jack Kerouac-style. _CH Dh350 at leading stores

Philips styleshaver pro

While the new Philips Styleshaver Pro doesn’t have the sort of tech dazzle that will make you feel nervous about using it, the beard styler and shaver from the Dutch manufacturer is still a cool piece of kit that will take pride of place in your grooming cabinet. The double-headed shaver feels substantial and has over 12 length settings for your beard. There are also two precision settings for use under the nose and mouth.

The scary bit is that this is the sort of instrument that will encourage people to get really creative with their stubble/beard. The dual shaver is easy on the skin and can handle tough beards. Styleshaver Pro comes with a foldable stand for storage and charging. For the price, this is a handy little device. _TG Dh499 at leading stores

The shortlist

NFC to charge your phone

Nokia brings some cool to its smartphones, finally. The JBL PowerUp wireless charging speaker for Nokia uses NFC technology to play music from Nokia Music and charge your Lumia 920 or Lumia 820. Simply drop the phone on top of the device – the power starts flowing and your music is ready to start pumping. Price TBA in November.

The TV that you want

Looking for an affordable largescreen television set? The TCL E5003D features 2D to 3D conversion, 1920x1080 full HD resolution, natural light engine, USB Movie Play and three HDMI inputs. The slim-frame TV also comes with four pairs of 3D glasses and is a good option if you are looking for an economical upgrade. Dh3,699 at Eros Electronics.

Ears love it

Sennheiser’s Momentum headphones are stylish and deliver great audio quality. The headband and earpads are worked from soft and supple leather and complemented by
a headband slider crafted from premium stainless steel. They look posh and are comfortable to use over extended periods of time. Dh1,499 at leading stores.


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