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Gadget of the week: PC perfect

The all-in one HP Omni's 27-inch screen and cool additions make it a dream for those with long hours of multimedia work

  • — By David Tusing/Deputy tabloid! Editor
  • Published: 00:00 April 21, 2012
  • Tabloid on Saturday

  • Image Credit: Supplied

What is it?

Following on the heels of the touch-worthy Touchsmart it launched last year, American company HP has launched the more practical, more affordable and bigger Omni all-in-one PC.


What's special about it?

At 27 inches, the Omni is massive, perfect for those doing a lot of video work, whether watching or editing. And with a Blu Ray drive, a TV tuner option and audio via Beats Audio, it takes the multimedia experience to a whole new level. With 1,080p display, that basically makes it a 27-inch HD screen.

Of course, because it's an all-in-one, it's fuss-free — no ugly CPUs to hide and multiple wires to connect. Add a wireless keyboard and a mouse and that makes it one clean workstation.

The slim frame and sleek design houses an Intel Core i7-2600S processor, 8GB RAM and a 2-terabyte storage capacity. For connectivity, there is an Ethernet port, an HDMI port, a 3.5mm stereo audio-out, sub-woofer out, four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, a six-in-one card reader, and microphone and headphone ports.

While the design let's you tilt the monitor back up to 25 degrees, early reviewers have pointed out that there is no swivel option. And because of its 15kg weight, it's not easy to move around. I doubt HP made the Omni to be a mobile anyways. Reviewers have also said that the back of the set is very easily removable, which makes component upgrades easy.

Software-wise, the Omni is powered by Windows 7 but HP has added its own little touch with the Magic Canvas, basically a user interface to help manage your apps, or whatever else, better. If you ask me, it resembles the look and feel of another fruit-inspired company a bit too much, but hey ho, if the UI annoys you, you have the option of uninstalling it.

With its massive screen and nice additions, the Omni is clearly intended for those with a lot of multimedia needs but not hardcore gamers and power users.


When is it available and for how much?

The Omni is now available with all leading electronics retailers for Dh6,999.


Nokia now has MS Office

Nokia has announced the local availability of Office mobile apps from Microsoft — including Word mobile, PowerPoint mobile and Excel mobile — via a software update for the new Nokia Belle range, which includes the Nokia 701, Nokia 700 and Nokia 603. The update is also available for Nokia E7, Nokia X7, Nokia C7, Nokia Oro and Nokia C6-01.

Panasonic goes green

Japanese electronics maker Panasonic has released a range of what it calls ecofriendly products, including air-conditioners that save 31 per cent more energy and washing machines that consume 40 per cent less water. While the company has not explained how they work, we'll just have to take their word for it before we try it out ourselves.
Gigaset colours up your mood

Gigaset, the German devices manufacturer, has launched the A510, which hopes to make using the home phone a bit more fun. You can customise the backlight colour to suit your mood or assign colours to your phonebook entry, which lets you store up to 150 names. The device is now available in the UAE for Dh169.

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