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Showbiz Tsismis: Daniel Padilla’s on a roll

The Filipino heartthrob says he’s having the time of his life

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Daniel Padilla is probably the hottest young actor in Philippine showbusiness these days. Part of the Padilla clan of actors, the young stalwart talks to tabloid! about stardom, Kathryn Bernardo and action films.


Q: You’re being touted as the next matinee idol. What can you say about that?

A: (Smiles) That’s what people say, but I never think about it. I never put in my mind. All I want to do is act and sing, that’s all I ever wanted to do as a child, and if it makes people happy, I’m happy.


Q: But surely, you’re aware of how popular you are. How does that impact on you?

A: I appreciate the attention, of course. But with that comes so many responsibilities – I cannot just smile forever in front of people – they will get tired someday for sure. I have to act well, I have sing well, I have to look my best. Oh, and I can’t go out anymore like I used to.


Q: Many want to see your on-screen relationship with Kathryn Bernardo turn into a real love story. Is there a chance of that happening?

A: We have always been good friends, me and Kathryn. And there are so many qualities we like about each other. But that’s just it for now. I am also not closing my doors about taking it to another level. But for me, and for Kathryn as far as I know, career is the first priority. You never get this chance all the time.


Q: You’re the biggest star now in the Padilla clan. Do you agree?

A: I don’t think so. Tito Robin [Padilla, brother of Daniel’s father Rommel] is still the biggest star. He is my idol, I look up to him and respect him. And if I can achieve even just a tiny portion of what he has accomplished I will be happy.


Q: What do you like most about your uncle Robin?

A: He has a very big heart, and he is very dedicated to his craft. I want to be like him. He has also directed some films, maybe someday I can do that. But now, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to acting and singing, and my goal is to just keep on improving.


Q: Will you also try action films? Your uncle was a big action star in his prime.

A: I would love to try all kinds of film genre. Action is very exciting, but also demanding. I have to prepare for that kind of role. Maybe I will get there, but the roles I play now are also just perfectly fine – they’re suited to my age and my capabilities. Someday, I might try.