Indian version of 24 to begin filming

Abhinay Deo will direct the series and start shooting this week


Director Abhinay Deo, who is co-writing and co-producing the Indian version of the popular American TV show “24”, says shooting for the series will begin this week.“Shooting for ‘24’ will start from Monday. The team is very big, almost 70 to 80 people are working on the show,” Deo said.

“Within six months, we will complete the shoot and the show will go on air around July or August,” he added.

Deo, who has helmed movies like “Game” and “Delhi Belly”, will direct the key episodes of the show himself.

Actor Anil Kapoor, who featured in the US version of the show is responsible for bringing it to India.

Deo says Anil too will be seen in the Indian version of “24”, and that too in a “never-before-seen character”.

“24” started in 2001 and ran till 2010, with a total of 192 episodes.

Anil featured in the eighth season of the show as Omar Hassan and in the Indian version, the actor will play the iconic character of Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland in the original TV show.