Diaz loves reading about herself

The actress doesn’t mind turning herself into the centre of attention

Tabloid on Saturday

Actress Cameron Diaz reportedly loves to read news and gossip about herself online.

The 40-year-old is time and again seen in coffee shops, where she connects her iPad to free Wi-Fi there and reads everything written about her.

“She’s always surfing the web in here, and has been looking up Hollywood gossip about herself and reading movie reviews and news featuring her name,” thesun.co.uk quoted a café-goer as saying.

“Cameron’s also not shy of sharing Skype calls with pals while sitting over her coffee and doesn’t mind turning herself into the centre of attention,” he added.

Diaz will soon be seen in Joel and Ethan Coen’s new movie Gambit, which also features Colin Firth and Alan Rickman.