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Global hangout: Casa Paraty, Mamangua Bay

Honeymoon-hotel hunting? Or just looking for an out-of-this-world romantic getaway? If it’s good enough for Edward and Bella, it’s a scenester must...

  • Casa Paraty, Mamangua Bay
    Casa Paraty, Mamangua Bay, Paraty, Brazil.Image Credit: Supplied picture
  • Casa Paraty, Mamangua Bay
    The sprawling Brazilian beachside bolthole of Casa Paraty provides the perfect setting for one of the most hotImage Credit: Supplied picture

Recognise this place? The vast, vaulted ceilings? The dreamy, isolated beach? The tranquil, white-linened bedroom with the huge wooden bed? If you’re a true Twi-hard, we’re guessing that’s a heart-thumping yes. And if you’re a Twi-hard hunting for the ultimate, luxury vacay, you may well faint at the news that we’ve uncovered the holiday destination of your dreams.

Because the actual house that Bella and Edward stayed in during their honeymoon in Breaking Dawn, Part 1, is a real-life hideaway that non-vampires can visit too! Located at Mamangua Bay, between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, the sprawling Brazilian beachside bolthole of Casa Paraty was chosen as the perfect setting for one of the most hotly anticipated scenes of the Twilight saga, such is its breathtaking  romantic beauty.

Designed by Thiago Bernardes, the villa (which Twi-hards will know was hidden away on Isle Esme, the private vampire paradise given to Edward’s adoptive mother by her husband, Carlisle) is just as isolated as the one Stephenie Meyer wrote about in the second Twilight novel.

Accessible only by boat or helicopter, the huge property boasts six beautifully appointed suites and can accommodate up to 14 guests (be they living or undead, but sadly for Jacob types, no four-legged friends may stay over). With a private beach, luxurious tropical interiors and incredible views across the magnificent bay, if escaping it all Edward and Bella-style is what you’re after, look no further. The only painful part? At an eye-watering Dh15,500 per night, you’ll need  a Twilight star-sized salary to get there.

Inside info
Remember the crashing waterfall Edward and Bella frolicked in on their Breaking Dawn honeymoon? It’s just a short, romantic stroll away from Casa Paraty's luxurious beachside location.

Casa Paraty, Mamangua Bay, Paraty, Brazil. Available for private hire through

Ble, Thessaloniki, Greece
Carb-phobic? Look away now, because glamorous bakery Ble, on Agias Sofias in the Greek city of Thessaloniki, is a bread-munching fantasy-land. Designed by the minimalist architects at Claudio Silvestrin Giuliana Salmaso, the superluxe, four-storey bakery built out of white clay from Crete and Milos, boasts the world’s largest wood-burning oven, houses a patisserie, bakery, delicatessen and a wine and mozzarella bar. All the bread and cheese and cakes you could want in one place? Amaze!

Ble Bakery | Egnatias 138 Thessaloniki Greece |

Josephine/Roxy, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Josephine/Roxy has been redesigned not once, but twice by Brazilian architect Fred Mafra. Using hexagon and triangle forms, the huge nightclub now boasts honeycombed ceilings, blackand-white floors, paddedvinyl seating and walls, and madhouse-effect LED lighting designed to help electro-musicmad clubbers forget the outside world. Crazy! Oh, and the crowds all look like they could be related to Gisele.

Rua Antonio de Albuquerque, 729 Savassi, Belo Horizonte, MG | +55 31 3269 4410