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Review: A World Not Ours

A World Not Ours translates the feeling of desperation that Palestinian refugees in Lebanon have

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AWNO - Jamal and Mother

Mahdi Fleifel’s documentary tells the story of his friends and family who grew up in Ain Al Hilweh in Lebanon. A World Not Ours is definitely one not to be missed at this year’s Abu Dhabi Film Festival. It’s by far one of the most beautiful films on the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Fleifel tells the story of Abou Ayad, one of his friends, who is frustrated by life inside the camp and eventually attempts to seek a better one outside.

A World Not Ours translates very well the feeling of desperation that Palestinian refugees have. Refugees in Lebanon are denied many human rights such as the right to work, making it almost impossible to make a decent living.

Fleifel grabs you from the very beginning with his narration and the viewer feels like he’s right with him inside the camp. It’s a moving piece and the Fleifel’s choice of music takes you from one mood to the other.

Don’t miss it:

A World Not Ours, October 18, Marina Mall, VOX 4. 1.45pm