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Katy Perry: Part Of Me reviewed

The most poignant moments in the film are those that chart the pop singer's divorce

Katy Perry: Part Of Me
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Katy Perry: Part Of Me chronicles the life of the international pop sensation.

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WHO’S IN IT? Katy Perry, Russell Brand
RATING 4 out of 5
THE PLOT This 3D concert film extravaganza follows Katy Perry on her California Dreams Tour, and also charts the painful end to her 14-month marriage to Brit comedian Russell Brand, and while it’s definitely a feature-length piece of bubble gum coloured propaganda for the singer, we didn’t mind going along for the ride. Why? Katy’s just so much danged fun, and while she stands on stage wearing a dress with spinning lollipops glued to her chest, she still just seems like one of us. While we join her as she deals with an assault of screaming fans (with grace) and practices her many routines (with an unwavering professionalism), we also look back at her beginnings – and see how she broke free from her sheltered upbringing, and brought her scrappy fight to LA and continued to try until she eventually succeeded. The most poignant moments are definitely those that chart her divorce – you get the feeling the pair were truly in love, and Perry’s energy is one of palpable sorrow. Forget being Beliebers, after watching this we’re a Kadvocate.