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New BMW M3 is sadly not a joke

We don't know whether to laugh or cry at BMW M's next project. Laugh, definitely laugh...

  • BMW M3
    Chewing tobacco, a shotgun holster and a raggedy dog riding in the back are optional extras.Image Credit: Supplied picture
  • BMW M3
    If you ask nicely, they'll even throw in a hat with some corks hanging off it to ward off flies, or somethImage Credit: Supplied picture

April 1 is coming, and an epic April Fool’s Day gag in waiting is the only explanation we have for BMW’s engineers toying around the Nordschleife with half an M3.

No, we haven’t messed up these images in Photoshop; these shots of a pick-up M3 come straight from our flabbergasted spy in Germany.

Maybe BMW is preparing to stun the crowd at the upcoming Essen motor show? Maybe they’re preparing to attack Holden and Ford in the ute-loving Australian market?

Maybe someone over at M GmbH simply lost the plot? Yup, that last one must be it, but still, we love the racing stripes and the cool tonneau cover for the pick-up bed. Nice touches guys!

Judging by the sound of wailing V8 resonating through the Eifel woods, it seems that
this M3 ute is stock underneath with a 414bhp 4.0-litre V8.

However, considering how much weight has been lobbed off those rear driven wheels, and how little weight now aids traction, we expect this one to be an utter hooligan when it comes to drifting.

And you thought Germans didn’t have a sense of humour?