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Viva Las CES, geeks!

Co-host Ed Clowes dives into the world’s biggest consumer electronics show

  • Furo smart service robots are demonstrated at CES International, in Las VegasImage Credit: AP
  • Mayfield Robotics' Kuri home robot is surrounded by attendees during the 2018 CES in Las Vegas, NevadaImage Credit: AP
  • A man in a mechanised robotic costume points the way for showgoers to the CES Unveiled event at CES in Las VegImage Credit: Reuters
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While usually more renowned for its array of adult entertain, every January Las Vegas becomes ground zero for the tech industry. The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) brings companies from the around the world to offer the latest in consumer technologies, ranging from the truly innovative to the truly bizarre.

Into this morass of technology and neon signs we’ve sent co-host Ed Clowes. He survived the first two days, so we’ve speaking to him live from the MGM on the Las Vegas Strip.

Ed tells us the biggest story so far is probably the battle between Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s digital assistant, which got underway at Ed’s first press conference with Panasonic.

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But Ed’s favourite events so far was watching Huawei’s CEO blast the US over why the company is having difficulty breaking into the US markets.

SPOILER ALERT: The US governments apparently doesn’t trust the Chinese government. Who knew?

Finally, Ed runs down some of his favourite news products at the show, including Kodak’s KashMiner (it mines BitCoins) and LG’s new rollable screen.