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Gadget review: Another cool Apple accessory

The Logitech AV speaker stand functions as a neat little docking station for your iPad

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If you are a regular reader of this column, chances are that you own a tablet; you technology enthusiast, you! And there's an even higher chance that it's an iPad, as the device has indisputably been the market leader. The sheer number of units in the hands of users has created an entirely new market for supporting accessories. Right from covers to card readers, from adaptors to docks, you can find many of these accessories that extend the iPad in various ways.

One such accessory is the AV Speaker Stand for the iPad by Logitech. It functions as a dock with very basic features. All black in design, the front features a stand where you can connect your iPad (all versions are compatible). Also in the front are the buttons for power, volume control and infrared receiver so you can control the dock with a remote.

The rear features a cylindrical set of speakers, which also weigh the stand down. The stand, unfortunately, needs to be connected to the power and does not work on battery. But not all is bad with the stand; despite the plastic build of the casing holding your iPad, it's built quite strong and sturdy. The casing rotates so you can view your iPad in either landscape or portrait mode and the dock charges your iPad when connected. The viewing angle can be tilted to your comfort in both modes.

And if you're still not happy, the video out connection will let you hook up your iPad to a bigger screen or the TV. Unfortunately, there is no audio out so you will have to rely on the speakers for sound. Thankfully, the speakers produce sound at a respectable volume and decent quality, but the lack of an audio connect still seems an odd design and functionality decision by Logitech.

There is an AUX connection with which you can connect other devices to the stand, so you're not confined to playing sound just from your iPad, and can also connect your phone or music player.

The Logitech AV Speaker Stand is a fairly basic stand for the iPad. Its primary function is to charge your iPad, hold it up and play your music; and all of this it does it very well. While it won't be winning any design awards, the stand will sit nicely on your table. Priced at Dh399, the Logitech AV Speaker stand gives you just enough bang for your buck.


            Bhavishya Kanjhan is a digital marketing professional and an early adopter of all things digital. Follow his tweets on @bhavishya