Gadget of the week: Sleek look, silky sound

The SoundFrame from Monitor Audio UK gives speakers the flat-panel look, and doubles as interesting wall decor, with customisable colours and prints

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What is it?

Our world is going flat. So why shouldn't our speaker systems? Say hello to the new line of flat-panel speakers called SoundFrame from Monitor Audio UK.


What's special about it?

Everyone's got flat television sets nowadays, and it's about time our speakers, also, stopped taking up so much of our living space. The SoundFrame flat-panel systems, at just 87.5mm, are here to match your flatscreens. Easily mountable alongside your TV (you have on-wall or in-wall options), they are designed to fit right in with your home decor — and with different sizes and colours to choose from.

And we haven't even got to the best part yet: The most unique design element of the SoundFrame comes from the name. These speakers can be customised into photo-frame-like decor, with a range of colour, print, art and photo grilles to choose from at a small additional cost. You can have a picture of guitarist Slash, for instance, or pebbles, or, if you're feeling creative, make one yourself to match your interior-design theme — and just hang it on the wall like a painting. That's not all: They can either be fitted in landscape or portrait mode, depending on your requirements.

Known for its specialist audio products, Monitor Audio's SoundFrame has also received very positive reviews from audiophiles for its sound quality and ease of set-up.


So when is it available and for how much?

SoundFrame speakers are available in the UAE with Tones and Colours, at Al Yousuf Shopping Centre, in Abu Dhabi (050 51 66026). While prices will largely depend on sizes and customisation needs, it should start at about Dh2,600 (converted from pounds sterling).