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Dine ‘like the Sultans’

New Turkish eatery in Dubai harks back to Ottoman times

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TAB_130325_Turkish_CETurkish Village Chef Mustafa Demirhan poses with delicious Turkish dishes cooked at the restaurant situated near the Jumeirah Mosque.Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News

The grandeur of the Ottoman era, coupled with the opulent culture and history of Turkey, are presented along with scores of delightful dishes at a new Turkish restaurant in Dubai.

Turkish Village, which opened recently on Jumeirah Beach Road goes by the slogan “like the Sultans” and it tries hard to keep its promise with a wide variety of Turkish dishes.

While the white table cloths add a special charm to the subtle, calm and well-designed restaurant, diners will be impressed by the way food is presented, especially when Konya Etli Ekmek — a nearly one-metre-long meat pizza — arrives at the table. The dish is presented on a long piece of wood which is then put on the table above two or more wooden stands.

Though the menu features a choice Middle Eastern appetizers such as green salad and hummous with basturma (dried meat with spices), it’s the Turkish dishes that one must try out here.

One of the them is Ezo Gelin. This soup is popular in Turkey and made with bulgur, red lentils, rice, olive oil, paprika, salt and pepper. It is usually served with lemon wedges.

Another highly recommended dish is Sac Kavurma — sauteed beef with tomatoes and peppers, cooked in olive oil, spiced with cumin and chili and served on an iron plate. Kuzu Tandir — described as the most beloved lamb dish in Turkish cuisine is fragrant and tender, the meat falling away from the bone. This dish is served with rice.

Dessert reminds diners of the lavishness of the Sultans and their contribution to the cuisine.

Quince, a fruit covered with a sugar syrup is not only delicious, but light, as is Kazandibi, a desert prepared with flour, milk and sugar and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Kunefe, and Bici bici (a dessert made milk and caramel) are some other options to try out.


Where: Turkish Village, Jumeirah Road,between Jumeirah Mosque and Spinneys. Call 04-3449955.


Decor: Elegant and quiet.

Atmosphere: Relaxing.