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First impressions: Class of Vegas

Get a taste of Las Vegas right here in Dubai. The new Caramel Restaurant and Lounge doesn't disappoint

Caramel Restaurant
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Caramel Restaurant

Dubai:  There are very few lounges in Dubai where one can feel relaxed and ecstatic at the same time. Caramel Restaurant and Lounge is one such place. A Las Vegas export, its warm and inviting ambience makes for a perfect weekend getaway or after-work relaxation.

The Caramel outlet at Bellagio, Las Vegas, is a popular celebrity haunt that is known for its balance of energy and exclusivity. The sleek Dubai version which opened at DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) in March this year is no less classy, sprawling over 10,000 square feet with a terrace complete with private cabanas - ideal for a romantic dinner or business lunch.

The service is quick and the staff extremely amiable. Choose to either dine indoors near the gorgeously lit bar, or opt for the cozy outdoor seating area.

Get started

For starters, I strongly suggest their signature chicken lollipops with blue cheese dipping for a rush of spice and flavour in your mouth.

The dish is cooked perfectly leaving a pleasant aftertaste which gears you for the main course. While I ordered the petite Kobe sliders, my friend settled for the truffle pasta. To accompany our dishes, we decided to try out the french fries, garnished with garlic and cheese topping. I'm glad that we decided to go with the fries as it exceeded my expectations.

My Kobe sliders consisted of three beef burgers neatly placed next to each other just waiting for me to bite into. It didn't let me down even as my friend relished his pasta.

What was yet to send us into ultimate food lover's heaven was the dessert that was to arrive at our table. Caramel may not boast an array of desserts to choose from, but what little they make more than makes up for the lack of variety.

I picked the chocolate fondant while my friend settled for the apple crumble. He just loved the the apple-based dessert containing a hint of cinnamon, and so did I.

As I dug into my fondant, I couldn't help but relish every bite that went into my mouth. The chocolate, accompanied by the vanilla ice cream, was the perfect combination and end to a wonderful night at one of the finest lounges in Dubai.

Caramel Restaurant and Lounge is open seven days a week from 11am to 2am.

Bill for two

Chicken lollipops…………...Dh65

Truffle pasta………………… Dh80

Kobe sliders…………………...Dh80

Chocolate fondant………....Dh34

Apple crumble………………. ..Dh34

Large bottled water………..Dh26