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Emirati, Nigerian: Aisha Al Daheri and Asma Ashami

The flavours of iftar

XPRESS brings you the traditional dishes of some nationalities that are a must-have during iftar

sleep talking

Ramadan is no excuse for laziness

Despite fasting for 15 hours, keeping the body active is still necessary, experts say

Islamic scholars say that today, Ramadan is about visiting shisha cafes, attending iftar buffets, shopping at malls and watching
TV soap operas instead of engaging in traditional activities.

Ramadan traditions: Have these disappeared?

New trends that lack spirituality have emerged in the last decade, scholars say

The falafel waffle at The Ritz-Carlton DIFC

Thirty iftars to try in UAE

Traditional, modern, football-friendly... here’s a fast-breaker for every day of Ramadan


Ramadan do’s and don’ts

VIDEO: Basic Ramadan guide for expatriates in the UAE

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