Empowering students with education through technology

Etisalat, Google and Ministry of Education have signed an agreement in bid to revolutionise the smart education sector in the UAE

  • By Naushad K Cherrayil; Staff Reporter
  • Published: 18:38 October 20, 2013
  • Gulf News

  • Image Credit: Naushad K. Cherrayil/Gulf News
  • UAE Minister of Education Humaid Mohammad Obaid Al Qatami; Ahmad Abdul Karim Julfar, Group Chief Executive Officer at etisalat; and Eisa Al Suwaidi, chairman of etisalat, look on as Mohammad Mourad, managing director of Google Mena, signs the agreement with Saleh Al Abdouli, chief executive officer of etisalat UAE.

Dubai: Etisalat, Google and Ministry of Education have signed an agreement to empower students through online education in the UAE.

Duroosi tutorial videos are a major initiative by Ayaadi Etisalat in a bid to revolutionise the smart education sector in the UAE. Currently, 600 tutorial videos for all subjects have been developed by etisalat, under the ministry’s supervision.

“The curriculum endorsed by the Ministry of Education will be posted on the YouTube. Right now, is only for 11th and 12th grade students. Students can log in to a dedicated Duroosi channel to access the tutorial videos for extra lessons offered by expert teachers handpicked by the Ministry of Education,” Mohammad Mourad, managing director of Google Mena, told Gulf News.

He said a big announcement will be made in November. This is the first time it is happening in the Middle East. Students can access the curriculum from anywhere in the world through any device.

“This is the first initiative in the world monitored by the Ministry of Education to supervise the tutorial videos. Technology is integrated with education in a bid to enable students to improve their skills,” Amal Al Koos, director of Ayaadi Etisalat, told Gulf News.

“We are experimenting with grade 11 and 12 with the launch. We will look at other grades once we get feedback from the students. We are targeting one million viewers in the first year,” she said.

Convenient options

“Harnessing the latest technology for education is an innovative approach towards knowledge building in the UAE. Duroosi will revolutionise conventional education tools by providing instant and convenient options of learning. Students with access to technology nowadays want information at their fingertips,” Saleh Al Abdouli, Chief Executive Officer, etisalat UAE, said

“The project is also unique in that it allowed us to unite government and private players for a cause of national importance. The support of the Ministry of Education was crucial to the success of this project. We hope this alliance with the Ministry and a private player will inspire similar strategic partnerships for knowledge development in the country.”

Mourad said the content is ready and they are in the process of making it live very soon. It is totally free. The internet is allowing students to online which access was not available before. Students can interact with teachers by posing questions or comments on the videos.

“It is supplementary to strengthen the education and it is not a substitute.... Our objective is to bring high quality education using technology,” Mourad said.

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