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TV - boon or bane?

For some people, the TV is a constant companion that provides entertainment and information. For others, it simply is a tool to relax. Find out why people find it difficult to imagine life without it.

  • Compiled by Shikha Mishra, Staff Writer
  • Published: 00:00 May 19, 2007
  • Gulf News

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  • The television today plays an important role in people's lives - whether for entertainment or information.

It continues to dominate people's lives. Find out why people find it difficult to imagine life without TV.

"TV is my constant companion and is entertaining as well. If there was no television then I would probably go for longer walks and read more."
Anita Vidya Bhushan, Homemaker, Sharjah

"Life without TV would be difficult for me since I have few friends in the UAE. TV entertains me and keeps me abreast of current events here and back home."
Shiv Shankar, Real Estate Professional, Dubai

"After a long day's work, I surf music and news channels to relax. The AV media has a bigger impact and life without TV would be difficult to imagine. "
Rupali Virmani, HR Professional, Dubai

"I am a moderate watcher. TV keeps us clued in and if I had to live without TV, I would probably spend more time outdoors and playing my favourite sports."
Prashant Sharma, Insurance professional, Dubai

"My life won't be very different without TV thanks to other entertainment options such as mobile TV and iGo. Plus, I can always listen to music."
Nizar Abdul Majeed, Logistics Professional, Dubai

"The world without TV would be a better place. Daily soaps are unrealistic and cartoon shows are mostly too violent. I find music relaxing and listen to spiritual lectures."
Namrata Dham, Banker, Sharjah

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