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Design cues from Dubai tailors

You might not start a new fashion trend but you can make a style statement with tailor-made clothing.

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Dubai's skilled tailors can have you looking like you've just stepped off the catwalk.

If you are in Dubai for a few days take advantage of the quick and efficient tailoring services in the city. There are many skilled tailors who can make you a garment in double-quick time at an affordable price. Of course, the fit is much better too.

Most of the tailors are from the Indian subcontinent and the techniques they use vary slightly from those used in the West, although they are very accommodating if any variation has to be made.
While most tailoring stores offer fabric in store, if you plan to buy the material yourself,discuss the design of the garment and type of cloth you want to use. Make sure you check how much cloth the tailor needs before shopping for the fabric. Also ask the fabric shop about laundry instructions. 

Choosing a tailor is like finding a hairstylist. It’s best to make enquiries, visit a few stores,speak to store owners and their tailors to gauge their knowledge of the trade. While most shops will have master cutters, that is just a part of the entire process.

Look for professional stores be it at Meena Bazaar at Al Fahidi Street or within Satwa bazaar. Remember that a good suit will require at least three to four days and you need to try and squeeze in two fittings. Do not leave the tailoring until the very end of your holiday.


Established in the UAE in 1976, Dream Girl Tailors and Textiles has three branches in Dubai— Meena Bazaar, Satwa and Karama. Its outlet called Hollywood Textiles and Tailors specialises in bespoke tailoring of suits along with a good range of European fabrics. 

The company also offers door-to-door service at no extra charge provided there is a minimum quantity involved. Inter-emirates and overseas services are provided at actual cost. Hollywood Textiles and Tailors providesmade-to-measure tailoring services for ladies’ and gents’ garments which include all ethnic and western wear.It also provides in-house hand and machine embroidery.

The store is generally able to turn around your order within48-72 hours but this varies, especially during peak times such as Eid, Diwali and New Year’s.During these times,your order can take up to two weeks or more. 

A tailored item offers  the customer a chance to customise his or her requirements, be it fabric,cut, style, collar or cuff, and therefore reflect his or her personality as one of a kind. Search out reputable tailoring houses, as these generally have years of experience, use the best fabrics and accessories and have good quality standards.

Another reason for using reputed tailors is that if there are mistakes in cutting, these tailoring houses offer practical solutions in replacing the entire garment or not charging. Another name to check out would be Kachins, who provide tailoring for everything from formal two- and three-piece suits, shirts and trousers to traditional Indian wear.

Everything from buttons, collars and cuffs to the inner lining can be selected by the customer based on his or her recommendations.Established in 1981, Kachins also exclusively represent some of the renowned fabric houses from Italy, Switzerland and the UK.

They currently have two stores in Bur Dubai. Kachins’ estimated turnaround time for suits and shirts is four to five days from order date till delivery.Fitting can be provided within two days.

It also provides free home delivery service for customers regardless of the order size. Kachins also has a visiting tailor service for larger order sizes so the customer does not have to physically come to the store. Orders are also delivered to home countries. 


Avoid vertical stripes as it tends to accentuate height.
Jacket should be short and the fabrics plain, windowpane plaids or horizontal stripes. Self stripes can still be considered.
The jacket should not be too shaped at the waist.
The trouser must not have pleats.

Go for pinstripes or bold stripes as they tend to lengthen the body.
The suit should be single-breasted and three buttoned and top button should be left open.
There should not be any pleats in the trousers and the fall of the fabric should be straight.
The jacket should not be too long. And vents should be on the side of the jacket, not at the back.

For Formal suits, high-quality wool very commonly used. Quality of wool is dictated by the thread count in the fabric. Any blended fabrics with polyester are not really good since they can look cheap. For summers, linens work very well and are available in a variety of styles.