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    Monday Oct 29

    No sandcastles title for Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi residents attempt to break the world record for the most sandcastles built under one hour

  • story 2
    Monday Oct 15

    Traffic game to improve UAE driving habits

    Dubai Public Prosecution have launched an electronic game aimed at improving driving habits on UAE roads, by familiarizing players with traffic laws and regulations. The game takes users on a virtual drive from Dubai Public Prosecution building, near floating bridge, along Sheikh Zayed Road to the Burj Khalifa. Only safe drivers have a chance of winning the game, while players who commit violations are chased down by traffic police and presented with a list of their offences. The game was officially launched at GITEX today and will be available for download to iPad in February 2013.

  • story 3
    Sunday Oct 14

    Felix Baumgartner's historic jump

    Watch daredevil Felix Baumgartner make a record-breaking leap from the edge of space

  • story 4
    Saturday Oct 13

    Bikers parade for charity

    As part of their charity parade Harley Davidson pins were sold to raise funds to support the United Nations World Food Programme initiatives to feed school children. The pins were sold at Dhs 75 each.

  • story 5
    Sunday Oct 7

    A conversation with Imran Khan

    Gulf News speaks to Pakistani cricket star-turned-politician as he leads the march to protest US drone attacks

  • story 6
    Thursday Sep 20

    Highway of death

    The number of traffic deaths in the region is abnormally high making it the largest killer after heart disease deaths and strokes.

  • story 7
    Wednesday Sep 19

    Treating casualities of war in Syria

    Gulf News visits the UAE-Jordan field hospital in Mafraq, where more than ten thousand Syrians have been treated so far. The facility offers much needed medical aid to the thousands of refugees fleeing the conflict each day.

  • story 8
    Tuesday Sep 18

    Scavengers beware

    Scavengers play cat and mouse with the guards at the Dubai-Sharjah border landfill. The residents look for recyclable waste in order to survive.

  • story 9
    Tuesday Sep 18

    The trauma of being a Syrian refugee

    Approximately 85,000 Syrian refugees now live in Jordan, in camps and small neighbourhoods. An estimated 2,000 Syrians are crossing into Jordan every day.

  • story 10
    Monday Sep 17

    Meet baby Fatima, first newborn at UAE-Jordan field hospital

    Gulf News captures footage of the first baby born in the UAE-Jordan field hospital for Syrian refugees in Mafraq, Jordan. The newborn is named after Shaikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, wife of late Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan

  • story 11
    Sunday Sep 16

    Remembering Lorna

    Family members recall the life of slain Dubai-based Filipina businesswoman - as a mother, wife and entrepreneur.

  • story 12
    Thursday Sep 13

    Poor infrastructure

    Gulf News readers voice their concerns about the dangers posed by badly maintained buildings in the UAE.

  • story 13
    Friday Aug 24

    I hate it when…..

    Gulf News reader’s debate on the one bad behavior they cannot tolerate.

  • story 14
    Thursday Aug 23

    Filipino expats in UAE reach out to flood victims

    Filipino expatriates in the UAE band together to provide much needed items such as food and clothing for flood victims in the Philippines.

  • story 15
    Friday Aug 17

    Emirati brothers build largest Arab cargo dhow

    Two Emirati brothers, Huraiz and Salah Bin Touq Al Merri, are constructing the largest Arab cargo dhow at the Jadaf dry docks in Dubai.

  • story 16
    Wednesday Aug 15

    Giving back

    Lola Lopez and her team at the non-profit organization Volunteer in Dubai are dedicated to providing food with a smile for the city’s blue collar workers.

  • story 17
    Friday Aug 10

    The heat is on for Dubai's hottest jobs

    We find out how employees cope with the high summer temperatures while carrying out some of the hottest jobs in Dubai.

  • story 18
    Wednesday Aug 1

    Throw trash away!

    Dubai Municipality strives to educate the public and keep the city free from litter. Remember, it's your city…your environment. Don’t litter and ruin it. Let’s keep it clean for a greener future.

  • story 19
    Saturday Jul 28

    Refreshing campaign

    Youngsters share water and snacks with workers in Muscat as part of the I-Care Initiative.

  • story 20
    Friday Jul 27

    Skydiver Felix Baumgartner jumps from 96,640 feet

    On July 25th Felix Baumgartner completed the final milestone remaining before he attempts to achieve his dream of becoming the first person to break the speed of sound in freefall. According to preliminary data, his test jump from a 5.3 million cubic-foot / 150,079 cubic-meter balloon achieved an altitude of over 96,640 feet / 29,455 meters, seeing Baumgartner execute a 3 minute, 48 second freefall jump reaching speeds of 536 mph / 862 kmh.

  • story 21
    Tuesday Jul 17

    Project: MEGA

    ‘Project Mega’ artists and mega enthusiasts converge at Dubai Mall for the Mega exhibition.

  • story 22
    Friday Jun 29

    Bus Shelter

    While some bus shelters don’t have air-conditioners, others don’t have seats or awnings. Our community reporters address the issue and seek respite from the authorities. Community Journalist visited areas highlighted by our readers on Gulf News’ Facebook page.

  • story 23
    Friday Jun 29

    Killing creativity in the work force

    Some of the research done across the world on employee engagement shows Latin American countries have the maximum rate of engagement and Europe has the least. Middle East comes somewhere in between.

  • story 24
    Wednesday Jun 20

    Middle brain activation

    Middle Brain Activation programme sees children performing miraculous skills.

  • story 25
    Wednesday Jun 20

    The New Look

    Months of planning went into the project, coinciding with the introduction of a new state-of-the-art waterless printing press and production plant in Dubai Investment Park.